Yes, there are occasions when you have to know why exactly your CPU is running slow. Why are the programs lagging, so answer that question it often happens that users come up with WSAPPX High CPU Use Error. Its severely runs at the background of your system to interrupt in between your browsing. Let me give you a clear picture. WSAPPX is a part of your installation process from the Windows store and the universal app platform.

WSAPPX High CPU Usage Error

After you are done installing, it really uses a lot of space in your system, which is why it is important to let this be tackled with intelligence. Let me get right at the point, once you come across this issue, you will see a lot of issues popping out asking you to fix the space in your PC. To which you can start with the solution we laid down here for you.

Fix WSAPPX High CPU Usage Error

It’s but obvious that you want to speed up your PC and it’s no joke because your data and speed are precious to you. Let take a look at how you can fix this delicate yet enormous space crisis.

  • Update Driver

You must be wondering how is our Device driver connected with this WSAPPX High CPU Use Error, trust me it is. An outdated driver can be really toxic to your system and which brings us to the conclusion that updating or reinstalling your driver can be a cure to this problem. 

Update Driver

Disable Windows Store


  • Find the search box by pressing Windows key + R and run the search by typing gpedit.msc
  • You have to get to the Windows component >store which will go through local computer policy >computer configuration> Administrative template
  • Once you get to the store, right-click and disable the store application to edit
  • Change it to enabled and apply ok to save the changes
  • Reboot your system for the changes to take effect

Disable Windows Store

Check your Disk to Clean Junks

This one’s easy, you have to make sure you are cleaning the junk all programs create at one point or the other. You can download a professional took to help you with this procedure. EaseUS free partition tool is one of the suggested one.

EaseUS free partition tool

Run a Virus Scan

Yes, this one you have to make sure you are doing it regularly. Run a malware scan regularly every day to check for any virus or suspicious software. You can also set the timing for your scan and follow it religiously to make sure WSAPPX High CPU Use Error does not arise.

Run a Virus Scan

Review is Important

These are sure to help you with the solution for WSAPPX High CPU Use Error, we made sure you have the easiest yet effective solutions of all the others. Now you can add a comment to let us know about how it’s all working out for you. Discuss the whereabouts of your solutions here for us to make our services better. Moreover, our posts cover the solutions for Router Error, Printer Error and more. 


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