If you have ever tried to configure a router on your own, you most probably have encountered the term, WPS. You can also see a button marked WPS alongside all the ethernet ports of the router. That is called WPS Button. The short-term stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

WPS Button

What is the meaning of WPS?- WPS Button

WPS is a wireless network security standard which makes a faster and easier connection between the router and wireless devices. This button works only for wireless networks that use passwords for security purpose.

These passwords are encrypted with WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security protocols. WPS does not work on those wireless networks that use the deprecated WEP security, easily crackable by hackers or any tool.

In the standard setup mode, you cannot connect a wireless device to a wireless network unless you mention the name of the network and its security password. For instance, you want to connect your smartphone to a wireless network. Here you have to select the network and then enter its password to connect to it.

How to use WPS Button?

WPS Button can simplify the process of connecting your wireless device to your router.  By following the methods below you can use WPS Button to connect the router with other devices:

  • First, turn on the WPS button on your router to search for new devices.
  • Next, go to your device and then click on the network that you want to get connected to. The device can be automatically connected to the network without entering its password.
  • When you have devices like printers or range extenders with the WPS Button, you can connect to any network easily.
  • Connect them to the network by pressing the button on your router and then connect to your device.
  • You don’t need to enter any data during the connection process. WPS automatically sends the password of the network and the devices remember it for future use. They will be able to connect to the same network in the future without pressing the button.
  • You can use the eight-digit Pin. all routers that have WPS option, come with that code which you cannot change and it is generated automatically.
  • You can find this key on the configuration page of your router. Some devices without the button support the WPS option. You will need that pin to connect themselves to a wireless network.WiFi Protected Setup button

All routers come with different WPS pins but the process of connecting to a wireless network will be the same.

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Where do I find the WPS Button?

Almost all modem routers support WPS and on many routers, the WPS option is enabled by default. The manual process of enabling it is either through the firmware of your router, the WPS button or the administration user interface.

On the most routers, the WPS button can be found at the back of the router beside the Ethernet ports. Press it once to enable WPS and connecting your device through WPS. Some routers come with this button at the front side. You should check out the manual to ensure its position.

That’s it. That’s all from us about WPS Button. However, if you know more about WPS Button, you can tell us in the comment box below.

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