WOW (World of Warcraft) has unique gameplay that has let millions of people stay glued to the device screen for hours. In recent times, many people have been witnessing multiple connection-related errors like wow51900319, which can either crash the entire gaming window or let you lose the game for no reason at all. If such errors have been bugging you a lot, then you have arrived at the right place, where we are about to present the best possible solutions to instantly fix the commonly generated WOW errors and get back to hours of gaming with your friends and other teammates. wow51900319

Fix wow 51900319 errors in Windows running PC or laptop

The following is a list of fixes that have quickly resolved from ‘You have been disconnected from the (wow51900319) server’ problem. Other than trying randomly trying out the below-mentioned solutions, we recommend following them one after another to find the exact solution that can get rid of server errors in World of Warcraft gameplay. 

  • Make sure the latest network drivers are installed

If at all the ‘wow error 51900319’ warning sign gets displayed whenever you tend to open up the WOW gaming window, then you might be using outdated network drivers. It is a must to update the network drivers to see if it can fix up the problem. If you are not able to manually update the network drivers, then make use of trustworthy third-party apps like Driver Easy to automatically search and update to the recently released network drivers.

Driver Easy software application analyzes your entire computer system and finds the exact network driver update that can help in fixing up the wow51900319 error. As this software has an automatic mode turned on in-default, there is no need to enter your system requirements or manually search for the available network driver updates. 

  1. Download Driver Easy from a reliable online source
  2. Open up the installation file, and follow the instructions that are provided on-screen to swiftly complete the installation process
  3. Double-click on the ‘Driver Easy’ shortcut that has been added to your Desktop
  4. From the loaded window, click upon the button that says ‘Scan Now’.wow 51900 error 319
  5. This option shall automatically scan and detect the problems the drivers have said to be facing in the first place
  6. A list of drivers that needs to be updated to provide optimized user-experience shall get listed
  7. You can either manually select the network adapter related updates or click upon the ‘Update All’ button to fix every other driver-related issues that have been intruding the server to connect with your PC or 51900319
  8. Once the drivers have been updated, you need to restart the computer to let the changes turn active. 

Run the World of Warcraft game and check if the wow 51900 error 319 has been resolved or not. If no kind of error shows them, then you are good-to-go. If the error still shows up, then follow the upcoming solution.

  • Lowering down the maximum background FPS rate to 30 FPS

  1. Within the WOW gameplay window, click upon the ‘System’ button to enter into the game’s system settings.wow51900319

  2. Now, you need to click upon the ‘Advanced’ tab and then drag the slider that says ‘Max Background FPS’ to 30FPS and then click upon the ‘Okay’ button to save and activate the changes.
    world of warcraft down
  3. Go back to the game’s home screen and check if there is any kind of wow 51900319 errors happening while connecting to the servers.

If you can connect with an active server at a faster rate and access the gameplay, then you have bypassed the wow51900319 error. If this issue still comes up while trying to connect with a server within the WOW gameplay window then try over the upcoming solution.

  • Optimizing the network for speed

  1. In the WOW game window, navigate to the ‘System’ button to open up the game’s system error 51900319
  2. Click upon the ‘Network’ tab that can be found on the left panel of the ‘System’ menu
  3. Ensure the ‘Optimize Network for Speed’ checkbox is selected.
  4. Click upon the ‘Okay’ button to save the changes 

You can either restart the World of Warcraft game or get back to the home screen, and try initiating a new game. If at all any kind of world of warcraft down error still shows up, then move on to the next solution that can fix up the server-connectivity related errors. 

  • Resetting the User-Interface

The wow error 51900319 may get displayed due to an existing issue with the user-interface. Reset the UI to fix this annoying error and get back to the gameplay like before. 

  1. Close the active World of Warcraft gaming window
  2. If you are making use of addon managers, then you must uninstall them in the first place
  3. Within the, you need to click on the ‘Option’ button to load a drop-down list box 
  4. From this loaded list, click upon ‘Show in Explorer’.wow 51900 error 319
  5. Now, you need to exit the window by clicking on the ‘Exit’ 51900319
  6. Visit the exact folder in which the World of Warcraft game has been installed to.wow51900319
  7. After finding the folder, you need to double-click upon the exact gaming version that is said to be facing wow51900319 type of connectivity issues. (Classic or Retail).wow 51900 error 319
  8. You need to manually rename the three folders, Interface, Cache and WTF into InterfaceOld, CacheOld, and WTFOld.wow51900319
  9. To do so, right-click on the folder and select ‘Rename’ from the loaded list
  10. Alternatively, you can also rename by selecting the folder and then pressing the F2 button from the PC or laptop connected keyboard

Now, get back to and then get indulged in WOW gameplay to check if the wow51900319 error has been fixed or not. If at no such connectivity error shows up, then you have fixed the error. Follow the next solution, only if the wow error 51900319 has not been fixed even after the solutions that were listed till now.

  • Resetting Winsock

Winsock is a Windows application that gets installed in-default and known for handling the data in your computer to wisely access the internet. If you are not able to fix the wow 51900 error 319 then you need to try resetting the Winsock. After resetting, the entire Winsock Catalog shall roll back to its initial default settings that can fix any type of network issue that has been causing wow 51900319 errors to happen in the first place.

  1. Press upon the ‘Windows’ logo button from your PC connected keyboard to open up the ‘Start’ menu
  2. Now, type cmd to let the Start menu search and showcase the Command Prompt application
  3. Once the app gets showcased, you need to right-click using your PC connected mouse to load a drop-down error 51900319
  4. From this list, select ‘Run as Administrator’.
  5. If you are prompted with a pop-up window asking for your permission to load ‘Windows Prompt’ in ‘Administrator mode’, then click upon the ‘Yes’ button to provide the much-needed access
  6. The Command Prompt window shall load up, within which, you need to type the command ‘netsh winsock reset’ and then press the ‘Enter’ 51900 error 319
  7. This command shall reset Winsock and restart the computer automatically
  8. If at all your PC doesn’t restart automatically, you need to do it manually to activate the reset action

Launch the WOW (World of Warcraft) game window to see if the server error wow51900319 has been bypassed or not. This particular Winsock reset action has fixed the wow error 51900319 for millions of WOW game users. 

  • Restarting the network

The wow 51900 error 319 might randomly show up due to a glitch that has been happening with your PC connected internet router. You just need to simply restart the modem to fix the 51900 error 319

  1. Remove the modem and the wireless router from the power source 
  2. Give about sixty second or more to let the modem and the wireless router cool off a bit
  3. Constantly using the modem to access the internet all through the day shall even be the main reason behind experiencing wow51900319 error
  4. After a minute or two, plug back the modem and the wireless router to the power socket
  5. Make sure the indicator lights turn into a normal state
  6. Now, try loading the World of Warcraft gaming window, and start playing the game

If this problem fixes the wow error 51900319, then you have successfully resolved the issue and the same might not happen in the future as well.

  • Renewing your IP address

  1. Press the Windows logo from the keyboard and then type cmd to search for the Command Prompt application
  2. Once the search result ends, right-click on the Command Prompt application and select ‘Run as administrator’ from the loaded list.wow51900319
  3. If you are prompted with a permission window, then click upon the ‘Yes’ button to open and run the Command Prompt in administrator mode
  4. In the command prompt window, type ipconfig /release and then press the ‘Enter’ button from the connected keyboardwow51900319
  5. Now, type ipconfig /renew and press the ‘Enter’ button
  6. Close the Command Prompt window and launch the World of Warcraft game wow error 51900319

You must be able to connect with the server and indulge in playing in the gameplay. 

  • World of Warcraft down due to server outage

If none of the above-mentioned solutions have fixed the wow51900319 error, then most probably the World of Warcraft servers have been facing a major issue. To check with the World of Warcraft server down issues and to find the possible solutions, you need to visit the official Twitter page of WOW. Such server outage problems usually get solved automatically in an hour or two. Otherwise, you will be asked to uninstall and re-install to the recently updated WOW gaming file. 

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