WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Windows 10

Windows is the popular operating system that we all know about. But did you know it has got some minor issues- which is actually not harmful but yeah it consumes too much of CPU and high disk space of your computer system?

Windows 10 has got too many features inbuilt and several other benefits that you can simply avail from the operating system. But, it has got some minute errors too that actually needs to be fixed in order to get high performance and fast responses from the computer system.

WMI provider host

Yes, there are many issues in the Windows operating system regardless of its version or the make. There are certainly few options and solutions that will help you to fix them without causing or affecting the Windows operating system or your computer system. One of the errors that need fixing is the WMI provider host.

You might have surely noticed the error in your Task manager window.

This WMI provider host service actually hogs your computer system and consumes too much of disk space and CPU space that makes your system slow. This also slows down your computer system when the CPU score in the Task manager service shoots up. Well, you can fix it yourself. Of course, you won’t need a software engineer to resolve this issue.

Before we jump into the solutions to fix the CPU issue, let us get a brief idea about the error WMI provider Host high CPU usage.

What is WMI Provider Host?

WMI provider Host means Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service. It is an essential service that no applications would be able to run or perform without. This service is actually back support for all the applications that you operate and function on the Windows and your computer system.

If this service stops then you might encounter errors with various apps and software that you have in your personal laptop or desktop. Yes, this service also sends the error message that your system is encountering at the moment. Hence, when it is stopped, you won’t receive an error message as well.

The WMI service has got various features, but yet the only trouble with the service is it consumes too much of space and CPU usage that directly affects the performance of the computer and makes it lag every time you open an app or software.

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So, have got few solutions that will help you fix the WMI service issue in your computer. Check them out-

How to Fix WMI Provider Host?

If you want to fix the WMI host errors then you can simply make use of these solutions and get your PC back to normal.

  1. Virus Scan

Let whatever be the issue, the foremost solution that comes to our mind would be running a system scan. If you have an anti-virus on your personal computer or laptop, then you can simply run a scan or a deep scan that will help you know the exact issue that is consuming the disk space. Sometimes, even a virus or a malware can also be the issue when you see the WMI provider host is shot up in the Task Manager bar.

Virus Scan

You just have to run the anti-virus program that you have in your system. This will identify the issue that is consuming the disk space or CPU usage. If the virus scan has traced out any such application or software, then it is suggested that you remove it completely along with its setup. Once, you have you have removed the application or the software- restart the PC once to get a fresh look and once again a great performance.

  1. Restart in Safe Mode

The safe mode of your computer system does really help you to identify and catch the culprit that is really messing up with your computer system’s performance and speed. Just go in the safe mode of your PC and start with the apps.

Restart in Safe Mode

Ensure that you have saved all the data and documents before you restart and enter into the safe mode. Once you go to the safe mode just enter the Windows PowerShell service and press enter. It will prompt you to troubleshoot option. Just follow the instructions that your computer system is giving out.

  1. Try Restarting the WMI Provider Host

Well, in some cases the WMI service is the sole troublemaker when it comes to maximum disk space or the CPU usage. At such a moment, you can simply restart the WMI provider service that will help you to trace out the issue and start fresh running in the background. Once you restart the service- just reboot your system.

WMI provider host fix

  WMI Provider Host 100% CPU Usage- Fixed!

The service causing error has been now fixed. Just follow the above-mentioned steps. These methods are just working your way to resolve the issue. It is simple. Try it!

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