Wireless Connections Problems can crop up anytime without notice. If you are facing troubles connecting a smartphone, laptop, tablet or other device’s to your LAN connection, then you can perform these simple troubleshooting steps. You don’t have to try them all, just work your way around until you are able to fix the issue.

Wireless Connections Problems

Wireless Connection Problems- Fixed Check WAN and LAN Connections

Physical connections are important when it comes to your router and network. And if you do not check for the connectivity issue, and don’t check if your LAN cable is inserted tightly or not, and the LEDs are green at both ends or not, you can’t figure out how to resolve the error.

    • Verify that the device’s of both ends of each ethernet cable is being properly powered on and you have enabled those ports. For example, check if you have power on your router and upstream modem is turned on.
    • Try to check if the cable is not damaged or is the connector
    • Check if you are using the right type of cable, means, Internet/WAN ports might require crossover cables
    • Connect another Ethernet-capable device such as your laptop or to the affected cable or router port
    • If the LED light status is changed, that means, there was something wrong with the cable or the router’s cable port

Wireless Connections Problems

By now, you should have no problem in connecting to the wifi network. Check another method if this doesn’t help.

Verify Wireless Adapter to Resolve Wireless Connection Problems

This is important to make sure that the client’s Wi-Fi adapter is enabled as well as ready to connect.

    • While using a Windows client, you have to select the LAN network adapter from the Network Connections Control Panel and check if the status is enabled or not. If the status is not enabled, just right-click on it and enable the connection. Also, check if your laptop is out of the Airplane mode or not.
    • While using a smartphone or iOS device, do that same. Check if the device is out of Airplane mode or not
    • From the Android platform, open the settings app to verify the Airplane mode is off and WIFI on.

Wireless Connections Problems

Check Security Mismatch for A Resolve to Wireless Connection Problems

There can be a security mismatch in the case where the wireless client and the router can communicate with each other but is unable to send any data.

    • Just in case your router uses WPA Personal, then you should change the client’s authentication to WPA-PSK
    • Next, match the type of encryption
    • Now, if your wireless router uses WEP, you should change the encryption of client to WEP and match the type of authentication. If required, you can change from ASCII to hex.
    • And if your wireless router uses WPA2-Enterprise or WPA, you should replace the client’s authentication to WPA2-Enterprise or WPA respectively.
    • Finally, match their encryption type just like you did in the previous steps.

Check Security Mismatch

Here are the easiest networking solutions to solve Wireless Connection Problems. And if you think that you are facing any difficulty as these are technical steps, you must get some well-trained team of engineers to give you a hand with any network problem.

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