Windows Update is the cornerstone of your computer and holds the capability of maintaining the integrity and security of your system. Your Microsoft provides you featured Operating System updates by this Windows Update extension. And it becomes really annoying when you found your Windows Update Not Working.

Windows Update Not Working

However, make sure that your Windows Update is up and running flawlessly. For your information, Windows 10 is experiencing a streamlined upgradation process by this extension. But when it comes to compatibility, it’s not necessary to be problem-free always, like all of us expect more or less patches on performance from a software. Anyway, this solution infested article is going to help you in troubleshooting your Windows Update Not Working issue.

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What Causes Windows Update Not Working Issue?

If your network connection is fluctuating for a number of times then there are several chances of hampering the performance of Windows Update. So, the first thing you need to keep in mind that you are using a stable network connection. So fix your router; restart it, or set up it again and solve the Windows Update stopped Working issue.

Next thing you need to check that if you have already disabled the automatic update feature. You have permanently turned off the automatic update then, you can enable it again only at the time of rebooting your PC. Do follow the below steps to fix this issue,

  • Firstly, Go to or search for Settings
  • Next, select the Update & Security options
  • Then, choose the Windows Update option
  • Now, you need to click on the change active hours option
  • After that choose your preferred time and click on save
  • Finally, you are done, wait a little bit and let the update process complete

Windows Update Not Working

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Remove Bot Infections & Broken Cache Cookies

If your system is affected by any malware or spyware then it may cause this issue. Hence, you need to run a full virus scan to make sure your computer is completely virus free.

Whenever you dwell over any browser or websites it sends cache and cookies to your PC. If the memory is full with cache cookies it can prevent your Windows Update from performing. So you need to clear all the cache cookies or broken cache, cookies to up the performance of your extension. Browser history can also have the same impact on your Windows Update. So if you want to run the one flawlessly you must clear the browser history from time to time.

Check For Enough Disk Space
If you don’t have enough disk space to download and save the updated version then you will find Windows Update Service Not Running. So, free up sufficient space and try to download the updated version again. Hopefully, you won’t face any issue anymore.

So, Guys, you need to try this troubleshooting solution first. As everyone can’t be a tech wiz, you are free to discuss your issues on this platform.  However, you can connect our helpdesk to fix your Windows Update Not Working issue. We provide a complete solution to such error. Connect with us leave a comment for help.

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