Windows Password Recovery Tool Crack

Can’t recall the password of your Windows PC? Nothing in denying the fact, that you have forgotten your password and that’s why you are here to get the full coverage. Well, we must say, you got the fruitful result of your tiring search for Windows Password Recovery.

Windows Password Recovery

However, we all know that it’s very frustrating and inconvenience that you can’t access your PC. Moreover, your system contains lots of important files, documents, and data also. And, by all means, you can’t afford to lose these stuff. And when you can’t get into your PC, your files become lost automatically.

And if you take it to the nearest service center they will be ruthless to your PC and format everything. And you don’t want it right? So, it’s better to recover your password on yourself. It will protect you from severe data loss and all of your info will be safe. And, it will take a little patience and proper guidance to do it on your own.

Now if you are thinking that where you are going get that guidance! Then the reply is waiting for you within a few scrolls. Yes, you just need to scroll and go through to know the process.

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Process Of Windows Password Recovery

The process of recovering Windows Password includes several methods. So, if you are thinking that there is no way to recover your forgotten password then hold on and give us a few minutes to unveil the tricks in front of you.

However, this process includes two method- one is right tricks and another one is password recovery tool. When you will scroll down you will get to know about the tricks firstly then you will know about the Windows password recovery tools and how to recover your password using those tools.

Hence, scroll now.

Using Password Hint for Windows Password Recovery

Whenever you are creating a new password for your system the password hints got saved. Usually, you need to set this hint to make it easier for you to remember the password. Many users set this hint in a certain way that reflects their password clearly.

So, you need to click on the Password hint whenever you find yourself in this helpless condition. For your information, you will get this hint at the time of logging in at the welcome home screen.

Anyway, we know that it’s not a convenient way to retrieve your password but there are a huge number of people who got success through this method.

In case you can’t remember your password after seeing the hint or if you haven’t set any password hint at the time of setting a password then you should go for another trick. And the trick is here. Look down to know more.

Reset Your Windows Password Using Command Prompt

Here is another trick to reset your password after losing it. You can use the command prompt to reset your password. Here is the process of doing it.

Windows Password Recovery Tool

  • At first, insert the operating system bootable disk on your computer and reboot
  • Then, click on the Repair your computer link displayed on the Install Windows screen
  • Click on “Command Prompt” to launch the command program, on the next page after that
  • Next, you need to type, “copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\” at the time of command prompt windows appearing
  • Then, type “copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe” and hit enter
  • Now, exit from the window and restart your Windows PC
  • After that, you need to press Shift Key for five times to launch command prompt application
  • Then, type “net user username password”(Put your username in the allotted place simultaneously put your password in the allotted portion)
  • Finally, reboot your PC and login to your system with the new password successfully

Now you can access your PC normally. So, that is the process of Windows password recovery using the command prompt. If you can’t do it properly or if you want something more convenient then Windows Password Recovery tools are here to let you take the shy of relief. Want to know how? Look below for the full scenario.

How To Use Windows Password Recovery Tool?

If both of the tricks get failed then you must go for a windows password recovery tool. These tools are specially designed to recover your password within a few minutes. Now, if you are thinking that how to use those tools! and how you are going to get help from this tool, then we will ask you to look down to know it completely.

  • At first, you need to download and install the tool on another working computer
  • Then, you have to create a bootable reset disk with USB or DVD/CD
  • Now, insert the created USB drive into your locked PC and boot from USB
  • After that, begin to reset Windows Login Password, then reboot your locked PC

That’s it! You are done now with the process of Windows Password Recovery with a tool. You can use Windows Password Recovery Tool Crack or Ultimate to fix your system. So, perform as per our guidance and get your PC into working mode again. If you are having any issue in-between, you must go for an expert’s help. Comment below to reach our helpdesk. Don’t forget to share your opinion regarding this guidance in the comment box.

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