Windows password recovery tool

Actually, there are easy methods that will help you to work on recovering your Windows Password regardless of the windows version that you have on your computer system. Apart from these methods, there are also some genuine tools available on the internet. These are certainly genuine and you can just merely get it on your computer system directly and recover your windows password.

These windows password recovery tools are generally known as Password crackers. Yes, this means even hackers use these tools to crack the password of the users. Don’t worry, even if you use these tools, you are not practicing something illegal- as you are cracking you are cracking your own password and that’s nowhere illegal.

Below listed are the best Windows password recovery tools that you can get on your computer system and recover your lost password.

Windows password recovery tool

Best Windows Password Recovery Tools

1. Ophcrack

Ophcrack is the best and of course the popular Windows password recovery tool on the internet. Also, it is free to download as well. You don’t have to be an IT engineer in order to use the Ophcrack tool. Just a basic computer and internet knowledge and you are good to go. Of course, no need to have access to your Windows, even from different Windows devices you can just quietly recover the Windows password.

2. Kon-Boot tool

Kon-Boot is another window password recovery tool that will help you to reset the program. It is free as well. Nothing much technical, you just have to ensure that the program is burned and copied to a USB drive or a disc drive. Now just reboot from the same. Kon boot actually works a bit different than Ophcrack. Hence, if you find any difficulty in using the above mentioned password recovery tool, then you can try Kon Boot. It is pretty and has a simple working procedure as well.

3. LCP

LCP is another window password recovery tool that you can get on your computer system. You would have to download the LCP program from their official website or the portal and pair it up with the Windows operating system. Of course, you would need to have access to your windows account or the program. You can always search for the Windows password recovery tool guide that will help you to perform the task if you are pretty new to get the recovering process done.

4. John the Ripper

John the Ripper is another free window password recovery tool that you will find on the internet. Of course, the application is free but the wordlists that the application uses will cost the user. Also, these wordlists are ultimately required in according to make the software or the application work. You can always try the application in case if you are ready to pay for those wordlists. Otherwise, you can try the applications. There are other applications to start with when it comes to interaction.

5.Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor is also known as ONT&RE. Remember, it erases the password completely and that will help you to merely reset your windows account. Hence, this will help you to login to your Windows account even without entering the password. Once you have stepped in the Windows account, just create a new password- and make sure you write it down somewhere.

Offline NT & Registry Editor Windows password recovery tool

Make use of Windows Password Recovery Tool!

It is now pretty much easy to make use of these recovery tools. All the listed ones above are quite easy and simple to use. It has a great interface as well. This should merely work if you have any issues with the password of your Windows operating system.

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