Windows Modular Installer Worker

Windows 10 is undoubtedly an upgraded version of Windows, but yet it sometimes encounters some severe or common errors. One of the common error that you might have crossed paths with is Windows module installer worker. This error is specially meant for Windows 10 only.

You will come across this error when the Windows module installer worker software or tool has become inactive or unresponsive in the task manager who will cause a high usage of the CPU disk.

You don’t have to worry about fixing up this error. It is common if you are using a Windows computer system with the Windows 10. There is en number of solutions that you can explore for Windows module installer worker error Windows 10.

Windows Modular Installer Worker

Windows Module Installer Worker Windows 10

This Windows module installer service is an inbuilt tool in the Windows OS that will check for updates and will update the operating system as and when required fixing the bugs and other errors in the operating system. This windows module consumes a lot of CPU and high disk usage process running in the background.

You will be able to find this tool in the task manager of your computer system. It sometimes becomes so inactive popping up a non-responsive message when you are checking for bug and error fixing; updates.

Hence, this kind of error makes the computer system completely slow and lagging as it consumes very high disk space or CPU in the background. So, if you are facing the same error in your Windows module, then here we have mentioned some easy methods that you can try applying it on your computer system.

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How to Fix Windows Module Installer Worker Windows 10?

It is very much easy to solve these types of errors as long as you can follow the provided instructions properly.

  1. Automatic to Manual Updates

As mentioned earlier, when you have an issue in the Windows update, you will find that the Windows module installer worker pop-ups with the problem. This error is mostly found on the Windows 10 operating system. Yet, as the other versions of the windows can also encounter such kind of problems. You just have to enable the manual updates from the automatic updates. It will automatically reduce the load on the CPU or the disk space usage.

  1. Try Fixing TIWORKER.exe

If you are still facing the Windows module installer worker error on your computer system, then it is probably not the automatic updates of the operating system. It could be another task TIWORKER.exe in the task manager. Actually, this file is also associated with each and every update of windows. You ought to find troubleshooting in the windows start option- for old windows version you will find troubleshooting in the Control panel. Just click on it, and let it find the issue. Once done, fix the issue and reboot your computer once.

  1. Try Clean Boot

If none of the methods worked, you can perform a clean boot on your system. You just have to find the Microsoft configuration tool (can be found in every windows machine, regardless of the version) and find the temporary and unwanted files. Once you have found the junk files, delete them. This will make more space for other files, and of course, it won’t consume much of the disk space too.

  • Just go to windows option and look for msconfig.exe and open it.
  • Once you see the msconfig.exe, press ok and select the normal startup.
  • Now, you just have to reboot the computer system. Once done with the rebooting, you will see no Windows module installer worker error in your PC.

Windows modular installer worker disk usage

No More System Error!

It is suggested that you apply the above-mentioned methods to stop the Windows module installer worker error high CPU usage in your computer system. You simply have to follow the instructions as mentioned and remember the important points while fixing the error.

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