Wndows 10 Update assistant

For those who don’t know what is Windows 10 Update Assistant, well, it is a native update management tool to help Windows operating system users keep up with all the latest OS updates as Microsoft publishes them.

Windows 10 Update Assistant

With this tool, you can manage the timing of the updates you have set to download automatically. But this only works for individual desktops. However, IT professionals are looking to deploy and manage updates across an organization’s desktops, but this won’t work. Windows 10 update assistant has no similarity with the previous versions of Windows.

Windows 10 Update Assistant-Features and Functions

Windows 10 update management is meant to ensure users that they are catching up with the latest Windows updates whenever Microsoft is releasing them. The assistant tool informs you that if you miss an update or choose not to download, this can lead to system vulnerabilities. This management tool provides push notifications which inform the users about the updates they yet to add.

Windows 10 Update Assistant

This helps the users to make sure that they are always using the latest version of Windows on their computer. Windows 10 Update Assistant first run the compatibility check on your PC then automatically downloads the latest version of Windows 10. You can set active hours and custom restart time through this tool to avoid any kind of interruption in your work progress.

If you want, you can turn off the automatic updates in Windows 10 Update Assistant’s settings. You have to design your device to have a metered connection. The metered connection allows you to use a specific amount of bandwidth you can consume over a particular time-period.

Designing a device while it is having a metered connection, helps you to limit the bandwidth Windows Update Assistant can consume so that it cannot use unnecessary resources. You can also designate a metered connection on your desktop to take control of Windows 10 and application updates even if your computer does not actually use the metered connection.

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Why Disable Windows 10 Update Assistant?

Windows 10 update assistant takes some control over scheduling the updates from IT professionals in the Enterprise. So, that makes the IT professionals disable it. IT professionals basically use the three servicing channels: Windows Insider Program, Semi-Annual Channel and the Long-Term Servicing Channel that makes up the Microsoft’s Windows as a service update model to determine the update process for every desktop.

Even though Windows 10 update management is still present on users’ devices, it can leave the users confused and distracted over the assistant’s pop-ups.

To remove this update management tool permanently, IT need to uninstall the program through Microsoft Windows Control Panel’s Programs section. And after that, you need to delete the entire Windows 10 Upgrade folder in the C drive of your computer.

If you wish not to follow the second step, Windows 10 will reinstall the program when you reboot your computer.

Windows 10 Update Assistant

More Information

To determine if you have the latest version of Windows 10, check which Windows version you are currently running. Please click the Start button, and then click Settings > System > About. If you need any help with the Windows 10 Update Assistant, please drop a comment below.

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