The Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working is a very common issue for Windows computer users. But if you follow the correct steps efficiently, you can resolve this error in no time. Here we are with some effective solutions that can help you to fix the Windows 10 issue while trying to open a particular folder. Before jumping into solutions, check out some relevant information about the same.

Details of Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working Error

The Windows startup folder contains a list of programs that run automatically when you turn on your PC. Your startup folder stores all the shortcuts to your programs and runs with the Windows OS. For example, you can run your antivirus and firewall with the help of these shortcut folders. If you want, you can also edit those folders to make changes to the Windows startup.

There are two types of Windows startup programs that help you manage the user preferences for Windows startup.

  1. The first folder comes at the system level and applies to all the users of that computer
  2. The second folder is user-specific that contains the applications specific to that particular user.

So if you have a program in that startup folder which applies to all the users, the program will start for every user that logs on to that computer.

How Does Windows Select Programs in the Startup Folder?

Programs in the startup folder don’t run right away when you power on your system. Windows pre-determines a startup folder:

  1. At first, it launches the critical system process
  2. Then the important system tasks and services that you can find in the Task Manager
  3. At last, Windows search for the startup folder and launch the programs it finds there.

It doesn’t require your OS anytime to launch all the services and tasks, but sometimes the presence of too many applications in your startup folder can slow down your system.

Check Windows Startup Manager

The easiest way to fix the issue is to find the corrupt application that is preventing the startup folder from loading:

  1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys together to launch the Task Manager and from the Task Manager window, open the startup tab
  2. Open the startup folder next and enable programs one-by-one
  3. If you see you can’t open the folder anymore, you have to identify the application you just recently enabled
  4. Now remove the app from your Startup folder.

Now the Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working error will be gone. You can perform a different solution as well to stop the error message. Try our other posts to know more about free streaming

Create A Batch File Manually to Stop Startup Folder Not Working

You are not being able to add a program to the startup folder, but you can surely create a batch file instead. Once you create a batch file, the programs within the folder start loading every time you start your OS. So here are the steps to create a batch file manually.

  1. Firstly, create and open a new text document in your Windows computer,
  2. Then type @echo off “C:\ Program Files \ DAEMON Tools \ DTLauncher.exe” exit in that document
  3. You have to replace “DAEMON Tools” and the path with the application that you want to use in the startup program.
  4. Now save the file and change its extension from .txt to .bat
  5. Close the document and do s double-click on the batch file.

Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working

The program will now run and so will the application you have added in it. Whenever you start your system, these programs will run simultaneously.

Use the Task Scheduler to Add a Program to Startup

When none of the above solves the Windows 10 startup folder not working issue, this can be a move. This method will help you to schedule a program that will run every time you turn on your computer. Here are the steps to schedule a task in Windows 10.

  1. Open Windows File Manager then from the search bar, look for “taskchd”
  2. The Task Scheduler window will now open and you have to find the Create Task option
  3. From the create a task wizard, select the General tab and give the program a name
  4. Check the box next to “run with highest privileges” and go to the Actions tab next
  5. Click on New and a drop-down menu will appear
  6. Now you can open a program that you want to start with the OS startup every time.

Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working

These all are the proven methods to overcome the Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working difficulty. Now that you have learned to create a new startup program and delete the existing programs, you can now fix various common bugs found in the startup folder in Windows 10.


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