USI-Tech Owners

Are you thinking to be a part of the new investment project called USI-Tech? Then hold on and think twice. The site claims that it gives the opportunity to invest at a low-interest rate- is it worth? You should ask yourself first. And if you aren’t getting any answer then let us tell you that this new investment project is completely fraudulent. USI-Tech Scam is one of the biggest scams.

USI-Tech Scam
The site holders, as well as their cunning brokers, only aim your wallet. And you can consider this USI-Tech scam as a disguised Ponzi Scheme Pyramid. And USI-Tech has lowered its cost to let you become a part of the same. With the Ponzi Scheme, the previous investors get paid until and unless they found new investors.

But USI-Tech doesn’t provide anything like that. So, think wisely and don’t give your money to these high profiled thieves. Anyway, you must gather proper information before investing. So, here we are to help you by busting the biggest scam of the era.

Mastermind Behind USI-Tech Scam

According to expert’s USI Tech Bitcoin Review, the founders are using some robot assistance for forex market trading for more than 20 years. The USI-Tech owners have developed more than 100 similar programs in the last 8 years. They promise to offer you passive income by investing a small amount of money in the FOREX trading market.

Even, they claim to provide revenue interest every day. USI-Tech News said that the site holders are shameless to trick you in every possible way. Even you will be told that they are going to give you revenue interest on the weekends also when the market is actually closed and doesn’t make any transaction.

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However, you must do aroper research work before investing to avoid this hype. Don’t get trapped in the ocean of greed.

USI-Tech Owners

Scam Alert!

There are some common signs of the Ponzi Scam Scheme. Whenever you experience one of them you must leave that scheme immediately to resist the scammers from deceiving you.

  1. Whenever you see “Highest returns without risk” just skip that immediately. Well, it’s not a secret that any type of investment implies some kind of risk. Hence, if the mentioned return is higher, no need to mention, the risk will also be higher. You need to be aware of such “guaranteed” opportunities
  2. “Consistent returns” is another red sign. Investment in such an area where so many ups and downs are quite normal, so it’s always better to stay away from the software that promises the highest returns only
  3. Sometimes you may find the “Sellers without licenses”. It is a clear indication that there is something fishy. According to the rules and regulations such companies must provide the required license or they must be registered by the state and federal authorities. Well, you shouldn’t get surprised when you find such companies without any kind of legitimate registration or license. You must jump over their trap of greed
  4. If there is any kind of paper issue then you should think twice before proceeding. Sometimes, you get informed that there is no way you can learn information about the investment on the paper, you should avoid such investments by any means. Keep in mind, that inconsistencies and errors in account statement may be a sign that your funds are not invested as it mentioned
  5. You shouldn’t invest without registration. It is a typical sign of Ponzi scheme that involves investments which are not registered with the state or SEC regulators. The registration is mandatory due to the fact that it provides access to the necessary information to investors like the company’s products, finances, management, and services
  6. In case of facing problems while receiving payments, it’s an alert. If you have difficulties or even can’t receive a payment it is a bad sign
  7. Complex and cloud strategies. Forget about investments that not clear for you, or you cannot get the full information about the investments, this is an important rule of thumb

USI-Tech Scam

The USI-Tech scam perfectly fits in the frame of above-mentioned signs. So, any red sing- indicates you to leave the plan instantly. You won’t even have any control over your own money and investments. Hence, it’s better to leave the hope of revenue and leave.


No matter how profitable the scheme is you must double check the words said by the website. Don’t just go with the flow and chase the money, be aware of related stuff. There is always an evil intention behind all the shortcuts of making money that you have been offered. If you need further information regarding this you can put your question in the comment box below. Share your opinion regarding this article and keep us motivated.

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