USB Ports Not Working

Windows 10 powers almost every PC worldwide. However, it has been observed that fixing USB Ports not working issue is tedious. The new Windows 10 update made a certain number of changes to Settings and Troubleshooting Process.

USB Ports Not Working

What Are the Causes Behind USB Ports Not Working?

There can be numerous reasons because of which you have to face USB not working on Windows 10. These are some of the common reasons…

  • Faulty USB ports
  • Problem with the power management settings
  • Faulty Device
  • USB Device drivers are not installed

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If you are facing USB Ports Not Working issues with a certain USB Port then try connecting your device to another port and check whether the device is working or not. On many occasions, the device itself becomes faulty because of which you might think the USB Ports are not working.
Your USB Ports Not Working issue can arise due to the outdated or incorrect driver software. You have to uninstall your present driver and then try to download the latest drivers for your USB device and install it
The problem can happen due to the errors in the Windows power management. You can fix the USB ports not working windows 10 issue by changing the parameters of the Power Management of the USB drive. But it can be risky to change the settings on your own. If you are unable to do it correctly, then get in touch with experts.
The USB Controller can also be the reason behind the problem. You need to uninstall the USB controller followed by a reinstallation to fix USB Ports not working issue.
You might be able to fix USB not working Windows 10 problem just by making some changes in the registry, which is again a risky approach. You can take the help of the experts before altering the Windows Registry Files.

You might be facing the USB issues due to an outdated USB Root Hub drivers. Updating it might solve the problem. Follow my steps here to remove the cause of your USB issues.

  • Firstly, Open the device manager
  • Then, expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers branch
  • Double-click the first USB Root Hub device
  • Then, select the Power Management option tab on the right side
  • Uncheck the option Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power checkbox and Click OK
  • Repeat the steps for each hub

USB Ports Not Working


Wrapping up I will suggest you connect with the technical experts to solve your issues. I’ve tried my best to sum up the easiest solution to your problem. If you have any problems with the execution of these steps you can ask me here for the best assistance.

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