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To reward the loyal fans & supporters in their chat, game streamers have been looking for different alternatives. Chatbots & other third-party apps have made it possible with the addition of various loyalty points & rewards.

But, one of the things that these third-party app integrations missed was meaningful & tangible rewards. With Channel Points on Twitch, they have come up with the goal to fix the reward problems and offer tangible rewards to the fans.

Twitch Channel Points: Introduction

Twitch Channel Points

Twitch channel points, a new currency, can be easily earned by active viewers of a particular channel. These twitch points can also be redeemed for custom channel rewards or temporary special chat features!

With Twitch channel points, you can have an interactive & inclusive stream for your viewers. The custom rewards are an asset for you as well as your  loyal viewers.

How To Get Viewers on Twitch? 

How To Get Viewers on Twitch? 

There are some ways given below that will guide you easily on how to get viewers on Twitch.

  1. Always keep talking during your stream.
  2. Engage your friends & family to watch your stream.
  3. Play games with many viewers but not many broadcasters.
  4. You can also use a chatbot.
  5. Stream in the golden hours.
  6. Create & maintain a schedule
  7. Use a creative title.
  8. Invite your everyday game players to watch your stream.
  9. Stream often.
  10. Use good quality equipment.
  11. Create cool overlays.
  12. Make friends in different streaming communities.
  13. Stream with good energy.
  14. Ask your current viewers to invite others.
  15. Be unique.
  16. Enjoy the game you stream & play.
  17. Play a newly released game.
  18. Play in big tournaments.
  19. Setting up notifications for your followers.
  20. Create a Discord server.

How Can Viewers Earn Channel Points?

To encourage interaction & active viewership with your stream, Twitch has used many ways to earn channel points. The basic earnings starts with 10 points for 5 viewing minutes, &, for active bonus points, one can easily earn up to 100 points. Subscribers also benefit from double watch time points.

Earning Action Points Earned Description
Watching 10 Non-subscribed viewers get points every 5 mins of live watch time.
Active watching 50 Non-subscriber viewers get points every 15 mins of live watch time. 
Participating in a Raid 250 Viewers get points for joining a raid.
Follow 300 Viewers get points upon new followings. These points can be received only once.
Watch Streak 2 300 Viewers get points for returning for 2 consecutive streams. Each stream has to be 10 minutes long & 30 minutes long since the last stream ended.
Watch Streak 3 350 Viewers get points for returning for 3 consecutive streams. Each stream has to be 10 minutes long & 30 minutes long since the last stream ended.
Watch Streak 4 400 Viewers get points for returning for 4 consecutive streams. Each stream has to be 10 minutes long & 30 minutes long since the last stream ended.
Watch Streak 5+ 450 Viewers get points for returning for 5 consecutive streams. Each stream has to be 10 minutes long & 30 minutes long since the last stream ended.
1st Cheer 350 Viewers get points for the first Cheer on their channel every 30 days. Anonymous cheering does not earn any points.
1st Subscription Gift 500 Viewers get points for sending a gift for their first subscription on the channel every 30 days. Anonymous sub-gifting does not earn any points.

Who Can Get Twitch Channel Points?

Who Can Get Twitch Channel Points?

At present, Twitch is developing the system & you can have early access available to some Affiliates & Partners. Soon, all affiliate partners will get access. But if you wish to participate in the beta then, you need to sign up.

So, sign into the Twitch account & click on the Get Access button. Further, if you are chosen via invitation, you will receive an email.

If you are invited before release, then it can be enabled or disabled & modified from the Dashboard Settings within Channel Points Twitch.

What Can You Redeem The Points For?

Till now, Twitch Up Channel comes with a variety of options that the viewers can easily redeem & these go quite well in integration with the chatting experience.

  • Unlocking a random sub emote: This provides access to any random channel emote for a day.
  • Choosing an emote to unlock: This provides access to a selected channel emote for a day.
  • Highlighting a message: It helps in making a message stand out with a colored background.
  • Sending a message in sub-only mode: It helps in sending a single message in chat with sub-only mode enabled.
  • Modifying a single emote: It provides temporary access to a modified emote.
  • Custom Rewards: The channels can easily create a unique unlock with the custom rewards.

Channel Points & Rewards: Customization

Channel Points & Rewards: Customization

You can begin modifying the twitch points by going to your Channel Dashboard > Channel Points  & then tapping on the Customize Points Display. Now, you can easily rename your points to anything more unique. There are different changes that you can do under this section of the Channel dashboard. Read below for more.


Channel points come with a standard icon that represents the number of points a viewer earns. You can update & create a new graphic mode as per your liking and make it feel like your own currency.

To enhance your branding, you have the opportunity to use the unlock-able rewards. These are available in changed icons sometimes, & you can fully modify the rewards deck, ranging from background colors to icons. But, stay on-brand.



Rewards have their self-custom pricing and it is quite important to keep up a good pace on your streams. When it comes to taking pricing decisions then, remember that an average viewer can earn over 380 points per hour, and subs earn twice.

If you stream for 6/7 hours per session, including consecutive watch bonuses & raids, a subscriber can easily earn over 5000 points per stream. Take all this into focus & set the rewards as per the preferences of the viewers.

Custom Rewards

This is an exciting part when we talk about the update of the new channel points. Now, Twitch has paved a way for us to reward our loyal fans even if they cannot offer cash bonuses.

ChatBots & Third-Party apps have put a subsidy on this experience for some time with point systems & gambling bots but they never offered tangible rewards to their fans.

With custom rewards, one can easily create anything he wants from Polls to A.M.As in chats & can easily be redeemed with your own points!

Limiting Uses

The best part of this update is that it limits the uses of a particular reward. For eg., you create a new reward in which the viewers can decide whether they demand you to wear a funny outfit, do some dance or whatever they seem to like.

But all these options can be done only once or cannot be done twice in a row. Thus, you can limit the number of uses per stream a reward can have, so people don’t waste their channel points.

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This post is a twitch channel points guide for all the users looking to earn rewards from streaming. From getting viewers to rewarding them, our article covers it all. We hope you like our content & will surely come back for any more info on other streaming and gaming options.

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