Touchpad Not Working Issue

Many of us face the Touchpad Not Working issue. When your Touchpad becomes unresponsive in the middle of something it’s quite irritating. Several causes are responsible for this particular error like a recent update or any unsuccessful installation process can lead to this error. But no worries. It’s time to find the way out. I have found some and compiled here to help you in troubleshooting your Touchpad.

Touchpad Not Working Issue

Just go through the below content and know the exact causes behind this issue.

Have a look at the common errors that you may experience with your touchpad.

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Here are some of the essential solutions to your problem.

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What Leads to the Touchpad Not Working Error

If you leave your laptop in the sleeping mode for a longer period then there is a high possibility of facing this issue. This is one of the primary reasons behind your Touchpad Not Working problem. On the other hand, you may also get troubled by your mouse pad not working. Before you move to the troubleshooting tips, you must gather knowledge about all the possible reasons behind this issue. Take a look at the following causes and diagnose your touchpad malfunction.

  • If your device has a mechanical dispute it can cause the Touchpad Not Working
  • Sometimes your touchpad may get disrupted because of the spillage of any hot or cold liquid
  • Also, outdated drivers are often responsible for this issue
  • Improper configurations in the settings are equally responsible
  • If your PC is affected by any virus
  • Touchpad is disabled
  • Sometimes the problem with the Mouse Pointer

Let’s move on to the troubleshooting steps

Touchpad not working

An issue in the Mouse Pointer

At first fix the issue with your mouse pointer. Since issues with the mouse pointer can lead to several other issues. Changing the mouse pointer can come to your aid sometimes.

Two-Finger Scrolling Is Disabled

If you haven’t enabled the two-finger scrolling yet then this issue may arise. Hence, enable the two-finger scrolling as soon as possible.

A problem in the Touchpad Driver

If there is an issue with the driver of your touchpad then the Touchpad Not Working problem may arise. Hence, fix the touchpad driver error to fix the main Touchpad Not Working issue.

Advanced Troubleshooting Tips

Fix the Outdated Driver

Check your driver to make sure it is updated. If it does not then fix it immediately. Update your touchpad driver to resolve the Touchpad Not Working issue.

Cache, Cookies or Server Problem

If the problem is not in your device if it’s in your server then only fixing the server can help you out. Hence clear all the cache, cookies that are saved for a long time or remove the browser history to get rid of the Touchpad Not Working issue.

Try all the above-mentioned steps first. If your Touchpad is still the same then call for our assistance. You can also drop in your questions through an email. In this regard, you can also call us immediately for certain results. Our experts are always present to receive you. Ask your further queries in the comment box below. An, of course, do share your opinion with us.

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