System High Disk Usage

System High Disk Usage is a massive problem for Windows users nowadays. When you see 100% disk usage on your task manager, you can experience a slower system performance. It has been a while since Microsoft has released Windows 10, but you can still encounter this high CPU usage issue. There are some steps that you can follow to get rid of this annoying problem.

System High Disk Usage

After searching for the reasons for this problem, I happened to know that there is no particular reason for this single high disk usage problem in your Windows laptop. There are so many reasons that cause this problem. Let’s check ‘em out.

What causes system high disk usage in Windows?

Some Windows users have reported that certain applications like Google Chrome, Skype can trigger unwanted System High Disk Usage on your computer. But several Windows features like Superfetch, Print Spooler, BITS, etc. can also be the reasons.

Disabling these services may help you in solving the problem, but you may encounter some consequences also. If you cut off the Spooler, your printer won’t work until you enable it again. Also, this won’t assure you that it will help in fixing the issue.

High Disk Usage

The 100% disk usage problem can also occur when your system is infected by a virus. The basic idea of resolving the problem is detecting the application which caused the problem, then disable it.

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How to fix system high disk usage in Windows 10?

You can view the task manager in Windows 10 to identify the applications and services that are causing 100% disk usage.

Fix 100% disk usage caused by Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, the web page pre-load feature is at fault but you can turn it on by visiting Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy. Here you have to uncheck the Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly with the option.

System High Disk Usage

Fix 100% disk usage caused by Skype

In Skype, the disk usage goes lower when write permission is granted for ALL APPLICATION PACKAGE group. You can perform these steps to fix the System High Disk Usage issue caused by Skype. But this process is for the desktop version of Skype.

  1. Close the Skype app. Right-click on its icon from the taskbar and click on Quit. You can also use the task manager
  2. Now open his PC or My Computer and visit C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\

C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\

3. Here you have to right-click on the Skype.exe file

Skype.exe file

4. Then go to Properties

5. Select ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES and click Edit, under the security tab option

6. From the next box, select ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES, and check the Allow check box for permissions

7. Click OK to save changes

8. Click OK again to finish.

After performing these steps, if Skype is responsible for the System High Disk Usage problem, then you may experience a good result.

If you are still experiencing the problem even after performing these steps, we would highly recommend conducting a full malware scan on your PC. You can also drop us a comment below in case you need any further suggestion.

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