Finally, you can play the Summoners War on PC. The game was not available in Windows platforms, but with an Android emulator, you can easily install the game and play it on your laptop. Let’s walk you through the simple methods of how to play the game on Mac and Windows computers.

Summoners War on PC

How to Install Summoners War on PC- Mac and Windows Solution

To download the game on your Mac device, let’s follow some simple steps-

  1. First, open the web browser you use and head to the official Bluestacks website
  2. Download the installer of Bluestacks and save it to your local disk drive
  3. After the downloading process, install the emulator and install it on your Mac/ Windows
  4. Then launch Bluestacks emulator. Since this is the first time you are using an emulator, send sometimes on reading the on-screen instructions and get familiar with Bluestacks.
  5. After this, you require to login to your Google account. This will copy all the save data of the Summoners War from your Android phone.
  6. As soon as the installation finishes, go to the Bluestacks App Center
  7. Then search for the Summoners War and follow the on-screen instruction to install it properly
  8. After the installation, you can start playing the game and enjoy.

To install the Bluestack emulator, you need at least 2GB of RAM and a dual-core CPU in your PC. And if your computer is more powerful than that, you can play any high graphical game and not just the Summoners War.

Play Summoners War on PC without Installation Method!

Another way to play the game on your Windows computer is by playing the game on your internet browser. Yes, this works. Just perform the following steps-

  1. Visit the official Manymo website from your browser then create an account by providing your first name and last name, and email address
  2. Then sign in to the website using the same account and same browser
  3. Now, you can feel the browser as your Android interface
  4. Next, you have to open the Play Store in Manymo
  5. Then search for Summoners War and play it on your PC!

Summoners War on PC

You can use your keyboard, mouse, and controller to play the game.

 Feature Highlights

Here are some of the top features of the Android game:

  1. Play with your faction to gain control of magical mana crystals
  2. Employ powerful summoners and control huge monsters
  3. Every monster comes with some unique skills and abilities
  4. Turn-based strategic combat available to play with other real players
  5. Awesome exciting effects and excellent abilities
  6. Real-time raids and Dynamic guild wars
  7. Huge collection of monsters
  8. You can also upgrade your monsters and can craft more than 100 items
  9. Comes with an excellent built-in comment system
  10. Multi-player and single-player modes and also comes with a headquarter hub area to team up with other players

Summoners War on PC is feature-rich gameplay and now you know how you can carry out any easy installation. If you have any issues while installing this game for PC, try our comment section below. We have a list of Game for PC installation guide that you can take help from.

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