Snipping Tool for Mac

There are a few cool snipping tools out there that works excellent on Mac devices. And I am going to show you the list here. Snipping tools are best for taking screenshots on your Mac device, But if you don’t know which are the best, then check out my list of the best Snipping Tool for Mac.

Snipping Tool for Mac

These snipping tools are useful for some every day works, and bloggers mostly reply on these snipping tools. So, check out the best Snipping tools Mac users use.

4 Best Snipping Tool For Mac

You can easily get along with the snipping process with the help of these tools.

Use Mac’s Built-in Tool

There is a native screen capture tool comes in all Mac devices and it is pre-installed. By following the steps below, you can use this tool-

  1. You can press Command + Shift + 3  together anytime to take a screenshot of your computer’s desktop
  2. You can also take a screenshot of a particular area using Command + Shift + 4 + Space keys together

After taking the screenshot, you can press Command + Shift + 3 + Control and copy the shot to the clipboard. You can expand the features of this in-built screenshot tool with different third-party apps. These apps come with many additional features that are better than Mac’s inbuilt tool.

LightShot-Snipping Tool for Mac

When you talk about snipping tools, you cannot ignore LightShot which is one of the most popular snipping tools for Mac. It comes with plenty of features to give you an awesome user experience. The features are mentioned below-

  1. It can capture screen with the drag-and-select option
  2. It can find similar images after you capture a screenshot
  3. There are various image enhancing tools that can enhance your images
  4. You can share those images easily with your friends via social media
  5. It comes with a simple and intuitive user interface which you will love
  6. Apart from Mac, it is available in Windows, and Chrome OS
Snipping Tool for Mac

Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

Like other snipping tools, you don’t require to install Nimbus on your system. It is a browser-based screen capture tool which captures browser windows. Just select a particular area and use the features to fix your shot dimensions.

  1. It comes with a Robust screenshot app for your browser
  2. Also has an editor interface for easy customization
  3. It can edit screens after capturing the screenshot
  4. Can add objects to your image
  5. You can capture images with the browser address bar, context menu, or set up a hotkey that you can use with Nimbus
  6. You can also create a freehand drawing on the image
  7. Record videos and save images in various formats

SNAGIT- Snipping Tool for Mac

This tool also comes with some advanced features such as screen recording. Now check out what are the other features it offers-

  1. It can capture desktop and scrolling screens
  2. Can capture video stills as well
  3. You can create animated gifs from captured screens
  4. Add text, stamps, shapes, and emoticons to your edited images
  5. Capture any area of your desktop
  6. Select a particular area to capture

This went the list of my favorite Snipping Tools for Mac. Let me know which one you liked the most and which one you are still using; drop a comment below. For any other Troubleshooting solution or Activation Guide, check out our other posts.

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