Skyrim civil war overhaul is undoubtedly the most popular PC mod game that was ever created for the gaming enthusiasts. The entire gameplay of Skyrim runs in a fictional type of world with different political states where unique races and creatures get to interact with one another. If you have no clue about what is Skyrim and the controversies that have been running around this particular game, then you have landed on the exact page, where we are about to discuss everything about Skyrim in simple words.

Skyrim Civil War Overhaul The Skyrim game instantly attracted RPG gamers from the date it went got its public release way back in the year 2011. At present, the Skyrim Civil War Overhaul holds onto the largest player base that was ever received for a PC game. People have been putting in their time and effort to constantly improvise the overall gameplay that has helped in releasing numerous Skyrim civil war mod over the past couple of years. 

What’s special with Skyrim Civil War Mods?

Skyrim is unquestionably the best-modded game that ever exists in the entire PC game history. The mods in gameplay are used to improvise and change the gaming features, starting from tweaking the visual quality till adding new story timelines, gameplay mechanisms and factions with the existing ones. Mods in Skyrim let the game go viral all over the world as it had a long back story with numerous quests to explore one after another.

Remarkable civil war sequences

Out of the existing mods that were created for Skyrim gameplay, Civil War Overhaul was the most popular mode as it all the gamers experience the civil war through the gaming timeline. The civil war took place within the fictional history of Skyrim, and Skyrim civil war overhaul mod presented the entire civil war sequence aesthetically. civil war overhaul

Many people and regular gamers coming from different parts of the world started to write and share their experience out of indulging in Skyrim civil war mod gameplay on their blogs and other public review platforms. Such publicly posted reviews went viral and kindled the curiosity levels of everyone to try installing the Civil War mode to the existing Skyrim gameplay. 

Who should download and play civil war overhaul mod gaming version?

Modding a game is quite a dangerous task to pursue, as it entails into surpassing the legal rights to tweak the gameplay without attaining property rights and permission from the original game creators. People who have game designing and coding knowledge can easily create a mod game version of any PC game. Although numerous bugs might occur while trying to load up Skyrim civil war mod game, you are about to experience a whole new world of gaming opportunity, which the original game creators never brought in to the light in the first place. 

Before randomly trying to access such modded games, we recommend you back up your previously saved gaming profiles to a new folder, external hard disk or a pen drive. If you are looking forward to playing perfect gameplay with no kind of bugs coming by your side, then modded games can never satisfy you. If you are a gaming enthusiast and love to search for new possibilities in a PC game, then Skyrim Civil War Overhaul mod shall never disappoint you in any way. The bugs can be easily fixed by downloading the recently released mod version from time to time. 

Why did civil war overhaul mod suddenly disappear?

After Skyrim civil war mod turned into an instant viral hit and made thousands of gaming freaks to download this particular mod version, the author who created the mod decided to hide the entire features involved within the modded gameplay all of a sudden. The mod was immediately replaced along with a message on November 9, 2019. 

The rumored reasons:

The real reason behind hiding the Skyrim civil war overhaul mod is yet to be announced by the author. Rumors have been going around since the day the mod files were hidden from public access. It seems that the author of civil war overhaul mod was receiving numerous backslash reports from the community people since the day he had implemented the ‘Diversity Day’ sequence within the mod. This particular day sequence had NPC’s representing different races marching towards the Stormcloaks, which is said to be a faction hosting a single race turning superior when compared to others. 

Many people noticed this particular change, reported the same; while the author had to disagree and took stand with his side of opinions. The author of Civil War Overhaul mod even went one step ahead and started banning people who raised their voices against the new changes that were made to the gameplay. Skyrim civil war overhaul

Appollodown claimed that this particular addition is just a reference to the popular TV show named ‘The Office’, yet, he did respond to the criticism by pinpointing the Trump supporters and other Ku Klux Clan for spreading unwanted rumors.

Will Skyrim Civil War Overhaul mod be available for download in the future?

The whole controversy ended when the author of the civil war overhaul mod posted a message stating that the mod will get restored any time soon. People took the sudden disappearance of this modded gameplay to the Twitter social networking site and created numerous hashtags that were solely pinpointing movements like Black Lives Matter and LBGT rights. This particular move kindled internet users and let them get involved in various online debates. Even if this particular mod version of Skyrim game remains available for public access in the future, the original gameplay shall lose most of its online player count due to the ongoing controversies.

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