Showbox not working

If you browse through the list of best streaming apps in the world, don’t be surprised to see the name Showbox. Time and again, this android application has come into limelight. From streaming your favourite TV shows to sports, movies- Showbox has become the constant companion in the list of best streaming applications.

However, being one of the best video streaming apps don’t make Showbox flawless. There are many usual error codes that appear due to many reasons. In this case, we are going to discuss the solutions of  Showbox Not working issue.

Don’t know where to get the help? No more worries, we are here to help you in fixing your Showbox Streaming issues.

Showbox not working

Though Showbox is one of the most used and most preferred apps for the movie buffs, it comes with Showbox Has Stopped Working, or Showbox Not playing Movies etc errors. With this purpose in mind, we’ve come up with this guide on Showbox Error, direct from our expert’s helpdesk.

What causes Showbox not working error?

Fixing the error is important, but knowing about the reasons for the error is more important. First of all, this Showbox Not Responding error can occur due to various factors but the most notorious ones are connection issues, server issue, Showbox update failed issues etc. Now don’t worry too much, ’cause we also have some possible resolutions.

Troubleshooting steps

Well, check the form of error first, if something similar is popping up on your screen, go through the solutions. Follow the steps and fix your Showbox Streaming Issues.

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Solution 1: Fix Showbox connection error

Sometimes you may get a notification like “Showbox Connection Error” while getting started with this free of cost video streaming app. Due to the poor internet connection, these error messages can be displayed.

Showbox connection error

So there is no other potential fix for this issue except checking your internet connection. Additionally, there are a few reasons that can trigger this issue.

If the willing content is blocked or restricted for streaming from your region then you are more likely to encounter this error. You have to download a VPN and need to change your location in this case. In order to find out whether it is working in another region or not!

Solution 2: Remove Showbox server error

Another Showbox Not Playing Movies error that annoys the users to the highest extinct is the unavailability of the Server. Often the users get smashed with some error message like “Showbox Server not Available” whenever they try to play some movies. Well, here we are going to offer you the steps to fix the server error,

  • At first, stop the Showbox App on your phone
  • Now, navigate to the Android Settings and from there to the Application Manager

Showbox not working

  • Then, on the App Manager open the Showbox app
  • In the next step Select ‘Clear Data’ and let the process complete option
  • Then, Click on the Clear Cache option and wait a few minutes until the process gets completed
  • Restart the Showbox app and you will find your app up and running

Showbox Server Error

Another solution is to try out a VPN. If your server and is blocking the certain contents, using a VPN can resolve the error and your movies load just fine.

Solution 3: Solve Showbox update error

Got stuck while updating your Showbox? Due to the unavailability in the Play Store, this application doesn’t update automatically. You have to run it with the latest version manually.

For that, you need to download the Showbox APK File. If the file goes missing you will come across with the updating error. You have to install the APK file from the official site.

Showbox apk 2018

Not only the Showbox APK but also your system’s settings can interfere in the updating process. If the option of downloading from external sources is restricted you need to toggle the button and give access. Otherwise, all of your updates will go into the trash and you won’t be able to install it.

In case, you have any confusion regarding how to update Showbox you can try this alternative.

  • Firstly Open The Play Store which you can get in your Home Screen or In the app drawer
  • Then, Tap the menu icon at the top-left corner of the Play store
  • Open My apps & games there.
  • From the list of application locate the Showbox app there
  • Then, select the Update button next to the app

Go ahead and try these solutions. If your Showbox Not Working issue gets fixed- good enough. If not, then you must connect with our expert’s team. We provide on spot help, so you can be assured of 100% quality assistance. Have more queries? Comment below.

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