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How to Setup a Minecraft Server

Minecraft has changed a lot since it had first arrived. But there is one thing about Minecraft that hasn’t changed yet. It is its capacity for online multiplayer. As a gamer, living in your own persistent world is something you might be dreaming about. And a Minecraft player gathers with thousands of other players to create their persistent worlds just within a few clicks. But How to Setup a Minecraft Server is the main thing. So, let’s learn about it.

How to Setup a Minecraft Server

Does not matter if you want to host a Minecraft server for just a few friends or you want to recreate your favorite TV show, you have various options for hosting your own Minecraft server. So, check out a few ways you can create your own Minecraft Server.


If you are using an up-to-date Minecraft then the easiest way to set up your own customized server is to simply pause and click Open to LAN and then click Start LAN World and invite other players into the game. If you play with other players often, then you can get many advantages to more permanent servers.

If you only want to connect with a few friends at a time, and do not mind to break any persistence, then you can also set up a  listen to the server. You need to use a single program only that you can download from MOJANG’S MINECRAFT SERVER page. Download and save the  .exe file into a folder and double-click to run it. This program file will generate a world and configuration files as well as text files to use a list where you can allow and block players.

Once you have generated the world, you can stop the server. Type Stop in the command box or you can stop it by changing settings, or you can start playing. When the server software is running on your computer, search for the direct connect button under the multiplayer menu and then you can connect to LocalHost to join. If you want your friends from different locations to join you in the game, you need to identify your IP address and then set up your router port forward.

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In case your friends and you are all in the same network, then simply find your IP address and then share it with your friends. This process will make connecting to each other more simple.

This method for How to Setup a Minecraft Server is configurable, but at the same time, using it in a long-term should make you suffer a few shortcomings. Playing on the hosting computer can cause significant lag for yourself and so the other players if you don’t have any spare RAM to use for your own client, similarly, you both will be unplayable.

How to Setup a Minecraft Server- What Would You Need?

These are the few important things that you will need to solve How to Setup a Minecraft Server:

  1. A Windows 10 desktop or laptop
  2. At least 3 GB RAM
  3. A stable internet connect
  4. An unlimited bandwidth plan: Minecraft uses up to 100MB per player every hour.

How to Setup a Minecraft Server

These are the suggestion that I had in my stock. If you have any additional suggestion, of How to Setup a Minecraft server, please tell us in the comment box below.

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