Are you concerned about the fact that Service Host Superfetch causing high disk usage on your computer? Do you want to disable the service but not sure how you can do it? You can find the solution to your question in this post.

Service Host Superfetch

Functions of Service Host Superfetch on Windows

Superfetch can be found in Windows Vista and onwards operating systems. This service allows Windows OS to manage the required memory so that the applications can perform without any glitch. This service helps third-party apps and other Windows components to perform common tasks.

Superfetch stores the data that your applications use to RAM thereby, allowing you to access to those apps in a jiffy. Let’s check out the three tasks that it performs to boost your system performance.

  • It decreases the boot time
  • It quickly loads the applications in your system
  • Takes care of your usage pattern

Functions of Service Host Superfetch

Superfetch Disk Usage Problem- Why Does it Occur?

The drive catching Superfetch copies all the files that you commonly use to your RAM. this service is very important for your device as it allows the programs to perform more efficiently. But if your system lacks the latest hardware, then the Service Host Superfetch Windows 10 high disk usage problem can appear.

This service host superfetch high disk can be a dangerous sign for your PC. It cleans up your system’s RAM and copies all the important files that you have been using earlier. Apart from that, this service helps your computer to reply to the I/O requests.

How to Resolve Service Host Superfetch 100% Disk Usage?

This service can not cause so much of a problem, as it only uses your disk to optimize your system performance. But when you are using your PC, this service copies some file to your RAM frequently. That creates the problem of slowing down your system.

Service Host Superfetch 100% Disk Usage

You can disable the service to stop this process. To do so, follow the steps I have mentioned in this section. If you apply the methods correctly then you can get rid of the service host superfetch high memory usage issue in no time. Check out them below.

Disable the Service

High disk usage because  Service Host Superfetch is not always a problem, in fact, it works to optimize your system performance. But when you notice this service is taking up too much of your disk resources, you can go ahead and learn to disable the service. Disabling it temporarily may help you solve the issue.

  • Press the Windows key+R

Service host superfetch

  • Type services.msc and press the Enter button
  • Now the Services window will appear
  • Find Superfetch from the list of the services
  • Select the service and right click onto it
  • Open properties

 Service Host Superfetch

  • Click Stop
  • From the startup type, click on the Disabled option
  • Now, click OK

Use Windows Registry

Use your Windows registry to disable the Windows Service Host Superfetch process, here are some easy steps to perform:

  • Open the run box by applying the previously mentioned method
  • Type Regedit in the Run box
  • Press Enter
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE from the registry window


  • Now go to the SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Session Manager > MemoryManagement > PrefetchParameters
  • When you see the Enable Superfetch option, do a double-click on to it

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I hope this resolution guide was helpful enough to resolve your problem. In case you are still experiencing the service host superfetch high disk usage on your Windows, then you can simply drop us a comment below.

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