Roku is for everyone. The all-new Roku streaming player makes everything fun. Watch your favourite movies and TV shows, listen to your favourite music is now going to be a fantastic experience once you learn how to perform a Roku Setup flawlessly. So, now let’s find out how we can use Roku TV by going through some easy steps.

Roku Setup

Be in Skynews, YouTube, Netflix, Tune In, MLB. TV, Media Live TV, or any other popular channels, you can watch them every day with your family or friends on your Roku TV. So, let’s begin with the setup process of Roku streaming sticks.

Connect the Roku Player to Your TV

All Roku streaming players are suitable for any television as long as it has an HDMI® connection. When connecting your Roku with your television, please use a High-Speed HDMI Cable. For some older televisions, Roku models come with a standard composite video connection.

Setup your Roku Player

  • Connect Roku with your TV using a High-Speed HDMI Cable. You can also use composite cables.Roku setup
  • If your Roku streaming player comes with an Ethernet port, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect the Roku player to an available Ethernet port on your router or Ethernet switch
  • Next, connect the power connector to the Roku player and then you need to connect the power adapter to your wall outlethow to setup roku
  • Please use the included USB cables to connect to the USB port. The USB port of some TV may not be able to power a Roku player.
  • Ensure the correct TV input is selected on your TV. You can also see the Roku logo on your TV screen as the Roku player powers on.
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How to Perform the Roku Setup?

Choose Your Preferred Language

  • When the streaming player powers on, you need to select your language. All the texts and information will be seen in that language only (You can change it later).
  • Scroll down and press the OK button

Connect Roku to The Internet and Enjoy!

  • Choose the wireless network to connect Roku. If you don’t find the right network, then scan again to find the networkhow to connect roku
  • Now enter your password and select connect
  • Now the player will download the latest software; wait for it.
  • You can select the display type by going to Settings > Display type
  • Now create an account with Roku to enjoy streaming in Roku player
  • Go to and enter the activation code which is XCV5TG.
  • Roku will not charge anything from you. So, enjoy!

Anyway, Folks! You can now easily complete the Roku Setup by following all the steps we have mentioned here. Hope, you are enjoying streaming with Roku so far. If you still need help, the comment box is waiting for you. And, please don’t forget to share your thoughts about the post.

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