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The Quickbooks users have the ability to create and send invoices for the products that have been sold and brought. There may arise situations when your customer overpays for a particular invoice or when you record a payment twice. At times like these, you will have to adjust the over-payment. There are four ways through which you can adjust the over-payment in QuickBooks. Although Quickbooks applies credit for the overpaid invoice, you can also consult with your customer and evaluate the suitable way to settle down the extra payment. Luckily, in this article, you will find everything pertinent to Quickbooks Unapply Credit. 

How do I unapply a credit in QuickBooks? Is that the question bothering you? So, without delaying it anymore let’s save your precious time and get straight into the article.  

How to Find Credit Memos in Quickbooks? 

quickbooks unapply credit

These are the steps that you have to follow in order to find the credit memo in Quickbooks. 

  • Firstly, launch your QuickBooks software. Now, click on Customers and Receivables under the Report tab. 

unapply credit memo in quickbooks,

  • Click on Transaction List by Customer which appears in the new drop-down list. 
  • It is time for you to select Customize Report option. Next, move to the Filters tab. 
  • In the Choose Filter search area, you will have to type-in Transaction Type
  • Next, choose Transaction Type. When you see the drop-down opening up, simply select Credit Memo. 
  • Hit OK to have a look at the Credit Memos that you have on QuickBooks Desktop. 

Disparate Steps on How to Unapply a Credit Memo in QuickBooks?  

You now know the ways to find the credit Memos in Quickbooks. So, it is time for you to understand the varied ways to unapply credit memos in Quickbooks. 

  • Generate a credit, later refund the amount that has been overpaid. 
  • Create a Journal Entry to write off the overpaid amount. 
  • In the next invoice produced you may execute the credit.
  • If there is an unpaid invoice, you can execute the credit to that. 

Ways to unapply Credit from Bill in Quickbooks

You have to follow these instructions to remove or unapply Credit from a Bill. 

  • Firstly, visit the Vendor Credit list to choose the correct vendor. 
  • Next, you have to select the radio button in order for the Credit to change the transaction type. Now, press Save and Close
  • Again, click the Credit radio to change the transaction type. Finally, click Yes to confirm. 

Sometimes, you may encounter Quickbooks error 6000 while executing the above steps. So, take precautions to avoid this from happening. 

How to Unapply a Credit to an Invoice in Quickbooks?

how to unapply a credit memo in quickbooks

These are the steps that you have to follow to unapply credit from an Invoice. 

  • Initially, navigate to the Credit Memo list. You have to double-click the invoice that you wish to change. 
  • Next, click on Apply Credit. Eliminate the selected credits. You will find it from the Previously Applied Credits screen.
  • Now, on the Apply Credit screen, hit Done
  • Finally,  on the Invoice window. Select Save & Close.

We have seen all the ways to unapply credit in Quickbooks. So, you will also like to know how you can delete these. If you wish to generate activation codes for Quickbooks, here is how you can do this. 

Check out the Quickbooks validation code generator to activate Quickbooks Desktop. 


Steps to Delete Credit from an invoice in QBO for Quickbooks unapply credit

how do i unapply a credit in quickbooks,

In case, you wish to delete Credit from an Invoice in QuickBooks Online, you will have to follow these steps. 

  • Firstly, you have to find and open an Invoice. It should be the one that you desire to change. 
  • Next, choose the displayed link that contains the invoice to the credit. 
  • Now, on the Apply Credit screen, simply click Done. 
  • You have to click Save & Close on the Invoice window to finish the task. 

Words of Wisdom!

Hopefully, you got what you were seeking. These were the steps that explained How to unapply a credit to an invoice in Quickbooks. We hope that you successfully executed this task using our methods. If so, do check out other articles on our website. They will enlighten you with different aspects of the tech industry. Not just that, it is always great to seek new endeavors and figure out solutions to complex tasks. Also, Connect with our Quickbooks Customer Support Team If you find any issue while using Quickbooks. 

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