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If you wish for more than one company, you don’t get to have a unique copy of Quickbooks to manage the finances for every individual company. You’ll be able to have the same Quickbooks for multiple entities. In this post, we will completely explain to you about QuickBooks for multiple companies. 

It’s necessary to note that you have to have 2 versions of Quickbooks that you can make use of. You’ll be able to either purchase the offline version of Quickbooks for your desktop computer’s native space network at the workplace, otherwise you will take the net version of Quickbooks, wherever your information will be safely stored in the cloud. Whichever one you decide on can depend upon an associate analysis of the execs and cons of every and your personal preferences.

Quickbooks Online for Multiple Companie

First, let’s see a comparison and difference in both the version of Quickbooks. 

Quickbooks Online vs. Quickbooks Offline

quickbooks for multiple companies

Since there are two versions of the software system, there are two processes you will have to follow to open multiple companies under the same account. Though, it depends totally on the version you are using.

If you’re running the offline version of the software, the method of adding a replacement company is almost the same, notwithstanding what number of companies you open. You will simply use the New Company Interview wizard to try and do the duty. You may have a file for every new company you open, and you will be ready to customize the file for the businesses you open in step with your preferences. You will be able to activate both versions using the Quickbooks validation code generator

How to Set Up the Company in the Offline Version of Quickbooks?

quickbooks online for multiple companies

These are the steps that you are required to carry out to set up a company in the offline version of Quickbooks.

Launch Quickbooks Desktop

The first step is to open the Quickbooks software on your laptop. Once it is open, you can log into your account, simply use your login information for this. Then select the tab labeled File on the primary menu.

Initiate the Interview:

Once you have got clicked on the File tab, a menu will appear with a wide variety of choices. From this menu, you have to choose the New Company possibility. A window labeled New Company will pop up. From that window decide the choice that is called Start Interview to begin.

Saving the Company File:

Now you will have to enter a number of preliminary details for your new company. You’ll have to be compelled to give it a name. You’ll even have to specify its address and add its contact details. Once you’ve done that, you should save the file for the new company to a location of your interest. As before long as you’ve got entered the preliminary fields, click on the button labeled “Next.”

In the next step, the Filename for the new Company dialog window will open. You’ll have to navigate to the specific folder where you’d prefer to save the corporate file. Provide the file a name to save as and then click on the button labeled Save. The new company file will be created by Quickbooks. Once you’ve done this step, click on the button labeled Save to save the changes.

Rest of the process

You should enter data concerning the company as prompted by the panel. Check that to do and fill all told fields. The more additional data you enter, the better. You must embrace such data as the credit and business account for the new company in that company are essential. This is often the last step of the interview method and, once you’re done, you’ll be able to click on the button labeled Finish to end the method.

The process ends there for whichever company you’re making an attempt to line up.

Switching the companies

If you’d like to switch from one company file to a different one, the method is simple. From this company file, attend the main menu bar and click on on the tab labeled File. Click it, and a number of other choices will be available to you. Click on the choice labeled Open Previous Company. You can currently be led to another window with the list of companies that are beneath your account. Merely look for the precise company file you’d wish to open and click on it and then click on the button labeled Open.

Is your Quickbooks search not working? Then you should click on the link to fix it. 


Setting Up a Company in the Online Version

quickbooks payroll for multiple companies

Here is what you need to do. 

Choose your Country

The very first step is to choose the country for your new company. In your browser, navigate to https://quickbooks.intuit.com*/choose-country/* and choose the country wherever you are placed. You may then be taken to the Quickbooks Online website that is specific to your region.

Select the version of Quickbooks:

Once you’re on the correct website, choose the version of Quickbooks that you’d prefer to use. You may have the choice to either expire the current one or begin the free trial. Whichever you choose, you may be taken to the Sign In page.

Sign in:

On the Sign In page, you’ll be able to either sign in to an existing account or decide to add a brand new account. If you have an existing account on Quickbooks online, simply sign into it. Otherwise, you may have to create a brand new one.

You should note that your accounts in Quickbooks on-line are password-protected which the Master Administrator has management. Simply because a specific user has access to at least one of your firms. It does not mean that this user or different users can have access to different companies in your account. If you wish a user to possess access to a corporation, you would like to assign them the administer permission by adding them to the appropriate user list. It is as simple as adding journal entries in QuickBooks.

Adding Another Company

can i use quickbooks online for multiple companies

As mentioned before, adding a brand new company to the Quickbooks online version is as easy as subscribing to a brand new company.

Choose a Country:

Again, begin by going to https://quickbooks.intuit.com/choose-country/ and select your country so you will be directed to the correct version of the Quickbooks online website.

Pick Quickbooks Version:

You ought to now pick a Quickbooks product, betting on the subscription set up. You will be able to select between Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus. Once you’ve picked a product, either pass or begin the free trial.

Buy right now or Continue Free Trial:

On the very next page, you may have one amongst 2 potentialities. Either, you may be required to stay the free trial, otherwise, you can obtain the merchandise. You may be offered a discount if you select the Buy Now option. It’s exclusively called the QuickBooks online discount for multiple companies. 

Add Company:

Since you have already opened an Intuit account, adding another company is as easy. Choose the choice labeled, Add another company at the very top of your screen.

Remember, you may have to be compelled to pay a monthly subscription fee for each of the Quickbooks Online companies that you just have registered. this is often one of the disadvantages of having multiple corporations on Quickbooks online.


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