QuickBooks error H202

QuickBooks is serving numerous small business owners and entrepreneurs for a long time. All your accounting needs get fulfilled with this software. But the problem starts when your QuickBooks stops working. Many people reports about multiple QuickBooks errors. We have researched through several business forums and found QuickBooks error H202 is one of the most annoying problems.

How to fix QuickBooks error H202

When error code H202 hits your favorite accounting software, your business work kept arrested. We are here to eliminate this issue precisely. Hence, go through our expert’s guide on fixing the error code H202, and run your business on the go!

What is QuickBooks error code H202?

You might know that QuickBooks has a unique feature that offers you multiuser operational mode. QuickBooks error code H202 arises with this particular feature. You are more likely to get the error while accessing a company file placed on another system. This issue hampers all the normal functions of your software. Even you won’t be able to access your financial data. You can even check out Quicken Support from our other posts. 

Many QuickBooks users have found the error in below form-

“You are trying to work with a company file that is located on another computer, and this copy of QuickBooks cannot reach the server on that computer. (H202)”

What should you do on receiving such error messages? Here is the help.

Why QuickBooks error code H202 pops up?

Our QuickBooks Support team has decided to provide you basic info regarding the source of this QuickBooks error first. You will be able to discard the issue, only when you gather sound knowledge about the core.

Let’s know why QuickBooks error H202 triggers?

  • Your QuickBooks Desktop try to connect with the company file, but server becomes unavailable due to some of the below reasons:
    • Configuration settings error
    • Hosting is incorrect
    • QuickBooks firewall error that blocks all communication, i.e., incoming and outgoing
    • DNS is damaged, or settings are wrong
    • IP address issue like the software is unable to track the IP of the company file hosting system or server
    • QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor (QuickBooks internal services) are not running properly
  • The Database Server Manager is harmed

Now depending upon these causes, we have come up with some real-time fixes for QuickBooks error code H202. Check it out now.

How to fix QuickBooks error H202?

Several troubleshooting tricks are there to fix the QuickBooks error H202. We have talked about some of them below. Try these common solutions first. If your issue doesn’t get fixed, go for an expert’s help.

QuickBooks file doctor

Solution 1: Connectivity error & connectivity test

Network connectivity plays a significant role here. If you don’t have a proper connection between multiple systems, you are more likely to face the QuickBooks error H202. So check it and fix it by performing the below steps.

  • If you are using multiple workstations, then turn the hosting off
  • Next, you need to ping the name of the server from your workstation
  • Now put the [servername] and hit the enter key

In case you get a slow reply or detect packet loss, then you can be assured the network is damaged.

You can use any network diagnostic tool for checking the performance. And how to do that?

  • Firstly, install a network diagnostic tool
  • Then, find the data file containing folder and scan it
  • Now take a note of the IP addresses and the network interfaces for all connected computer
  • After that, locate the “Open Ports” button in the “Firewall Status Section” and click on it to enable
  • Next, you have to taste the data file connectivity
  • Finally, try to open the company data file

network diagnostic tool

If the issue still bothers you, try to add the QuickBooks ports in the exceptions list of Windows Firewall.

In case,  “solution 1” doesn’t work, go for our “solution 2”. Let’s see what our QuickBooks tech support experts have more to say.

Solution 2: Inclusion of Server to Windows Host file

QuickBooks error

  • At first, go to the windows host file where the error is displaying
    • Use Notepad and save (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\)
    • You can open the Notepad as an admin
  • Now take the IP address and place the insertion point after that
  • Next type the server’s IP address
  • Hit the “Tab” key now and enter the server name
  • Go to the “File” menu then and click on “Save” and hit the “Exit” button
  • Finally, open the Company file

If you have done the steps correctly, your company file must open now. But what if the issue persists? Check out our next troubleshooting trick for QuickBooks error H202.

Solution 3: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

When your file gets severely damaged, it can’t be fixed with previously mentioned steps. So you need to repair the file immediately by installing QuickBooks File Doctor. It’s a file repairing software by QuickBooks, and it is capable of discarding all the errors of your application at a time. How to proceed with QuickBooks File Doctor? Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • You have to download the QB File Doctor first
  • Then run the QBFD.exe file to install it
  • Now it will start the installation process, give it some time and make sure you have a stable net connection

QuickBooks file doctor

  • After the installation gets completed, browse your company file and put it under the “Diagnose File” option
  • Next, you will be asked for login details. Enter your admin password at the right entry
  • Now, as the diagnosis process starts, wait for few minutes until the completion of the diagnosis process
  • At last, you will get your error-free QuickBooks accounting software

Wrapping up, QuickBooks quenches all our accounting requirements. So it becomes incorrigible when QuickBooks stops working. In the case of QuickBooks error H202, try our easy tricks. If everything fails, you must connect with our QuickBooks Customer Support team. Also, you can leave your query below. We will be quick in replying you.

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