Public DNS servers

You might have certainly crossed paths with the term DNS servers, and if you are working on the network, then you might be already the importance of it. It’s common to have a default DNS server when you install a Wi-Fi or a new internet connection at your home or workplace. You might come across some situations that would demand an alteration or a change in your DNS servers.

public dns servers

When you change the DNS servers, you are much likely to get the best experience. DNS servers’ addresses are just a communicating medium that helps the internet to identify the search (that you do) on the internet or the IP address language. Hence, here are some best public DNS servers that you can simply use to change your default DNS servers on the internet connection.

What Are Public DNS Servers?

Public DNS servers are not the default servers that are provided by your internet service points. These servers are offered by the companies that are into network space. These servers help in getting the best experience and the utmost speed when you are using the internet connection. Hence, there are some popular Public DNS servers provided by the companies. Check them out-

The Best Public DNS Servers List

  1. Norton Connect Safe

Norton- one of the most popular anti-virus service provider that keeps you safe and secure all day and night. The company not only provides the anti-virus but also serves with the best range of internet security plans and programs. Norton Connect Safe is a cloud-based DNS service that will help you to protect your internet and your computer system against various phishing and malware activities.

  1. Google Public DNS

One of the fastest DNS servers is here. Google Public DNS is provided by the popular company Google. This is the most renowned public server that is used by most of the users on their personal computers or the laptop. The company provides with higher security and great browsing experience for your computer. It actually increases the performance of your PC too. Google Public DNS servers help you stay protected and warns you if you are about to enter the wrong or the phishing websites.

  1. Comodo Secure DNS

No doubt, Comodo is the widely known provider for the best of its internet security products. Comodo also offers its own Public DNS server that will help you to be safe and protected whenever you are online doing your tasks. Yes, it not only blocks the malware or the phishing websites but also warns you before you enter the website. It also blocks the ad pop-ups and advertisements that are actually annoying when on an important task.

Public DNS servers list

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Public DNS Servers Are the Popular Ones!

If you want to stay safe you ought to keep track of your own internet activity that you carry out every minute. One of the best recommendations from the top techs is to change the DNS servers every time you log on to the internet. Above-mentioned are some of the best Public DNS servers. Use it and stay safe!

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