printer in error state Windows 10

The Recover Your Printer In Error State is a common issue owner of any printer can come across. Generally, the problem happens due to hardware related issues in the printer. But there are times when software related errors can be the reason for your problem.

printer in error state

Reasons behind Printer In Error State

    • Driver Software Conflict
    • Outdated  Printer Driver
    • Problem with Windows System File
    • Connection Issues
    • Problem with the specific printer hardware like toner or fuser
  • Problem with the parallel port

printer in error state

How to Fix The Printer in Error State

Here, are the fixes for you applying which you can get your printer out of the error state.

#Solution 1: Check Network Connection

Let’s do the first thing first. Check whether your printer is connected with the computer or not. If you are using an ethernet connection to connect your printer with the computer then take a look at the ports and cable if it those are in working condition.

Are you using a wireless router to connect your printer to the computer? Then a problem in the wireless connection can give rise to the problem. Restart your router along with the printer and the computer. This can solve the issue if it was associated with the wireless connection.

#Solution 2: Fix the Parallel Port Settings

Have you just upgraded your PC to Windows 10 and now finding your printer connected via parallel port refuses to work? Then the fixes given below can solve the issue. Follow the steps here:

    • Firstly, Go to the device manager
    • Now locate the parallel port option
    • Then, double click and open the properties sheet
    • Click on the ‘Post Settings’ tab there
    • Then, select the option ‘Use any interrupt assigned to the port’
  • Finally, Click OK to proceed with the changes

Recover Your Printer In Error State

#Solution 3: Install / Update  Printer Driver

You must install a driver software to connect the Wireless printer on your computer.

Go to your Computer’s device manager and check whether you have installed the driver software for your  Printer.

If there is a driver installed check whether it is updated or not. Just update your printer driver software and the issues will be resolved.

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 Update  Printer Driver

#Solution 4: Run the Windows System File Checker

You can fix the system files to resolve the problem. Follow the steps given below to Run SFC Scannow

    • Open the Command prompt Press the Windows Key from the Keyboard
    • Type cmd and right click on the ‘Command Prompt’
    • Now Click on Run as Administrator
    • Click Yes
    • Then Type SFC /SCANNOW and hit the Enter button
    • Now you need to wait a few minutes to complete the process
  • Then Restart your PC


This step requires a little knowledge about the Windows System Files. If you don’t feel confident enough to try these on your own it is highly recommended to try these under experts supervision.

Anyway, Folks! This will surely help you to recover your printer in error state issue. For any other issues with the printer, you can check other posts. We would like to hear from you. Use the comment section and let me know if the solution given worked finely.

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