Android Virus Warning

If you think your Android phone is infected with a virus, then you should celebrate the news instead of regretting it! The good news is that this “Phone is Infected Remove Virus Now” Message is pretty easy to resolve! Before wasting any more time, let’s find out how we can resolve this error/ virus message on Android.

Phone Is Infected Remove Virus Now Message

But, let us tell you, nothing to worry in these circumstances as all of these messages are just the trickery of the hackers. Sometimes this warning message can also use the Google logo. Don’t get confused by seeing that or don’t let yourself be fooled. However, if you gather proper information against this message then it will be hard for those tech demons to snatch the control of your phone.

Let’s know the scene behind Phone Is Infected Remove Virus Now Message.

Why You Are Getting Phone is Infected Remove Virus Now Message?

Well, the above question may have hit your mind for times but did you get a convenient answer? No, right?- Now hear from us. This warning message urges you to click a button to discard this virus. This alert says if you don’t remove this virus it may cause all of your saved data and important info. Additionally, you can’t close them until you press the home button. Despite the fact that this message includes the Google logo, still, it has nothing to do with Google.

What to do?

Whenever you are getting this message don’t tap any button. Neither the link nor the Remove button. If you tap on any button the hackers will possess your phone and will lead you to a website which has inbuilt malware. And the malware files are enough to damage your phone or device.

If you click the “Remove Virus” button, you will often be prompted to install an “anti-virus” app that will supposedly scan and clean your phone. However, the app itself will contain malware and it certainly will not effectively clean or protect your device.

Best Antivirus Programs

Once installed, the malware may attempt to collect sensitive information such as passwords from your phone or perform other various actions without your knowledge. And, the fake scanner may pretend to find a great many new viruses on your phone and then urge you to pay a fee to have them removed.

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In some cases, clicking the button may take you to porn websites or sites that promote other types of fraudulent activity such as survey scams.

Not only the Android users but same goes with the Mac users as well. So, what to do next to stop these messages from popping up? Here are the answers amigos. Scroll and keep some patience to know them all.

How to Clean Your Phone From Virus Detected Message?

This process includes a few steps. The easiest troubleshooting tips are given below. Want to know them? Alright, scroll more to have the full scoop!

Clear Browser History & Cache- Cookies

The first thing, you can try to discard this fake message is clearing the cache of the web browsers installed on your device. Also, clear the browser history alongside. To do so you need to do these below steps.

  • Firstly, open the Settings app on your Android device
  • Next tap on Apps, Applications, or Application manager as your device says
  • Then navigate to the All or Installed tab as per your phone’s prompt
  • Now, select your web browser in the list. For your information, this can vary depending on your preferred browser; as in, it could be listed as “Browser,” “Internet,” “Chrome,” etc
  • After that tap on Clear cache


That’s it! you are done with this process. Phone Is Infected Remove Virus Now Message shouldn’t pop-up again. But what if the issue persists? Check another solution here, maybe this one can help you.

Secure Your Device

Secure your device means you should go for any kind of Mobile Security app. So, firstly install the app to perform the rest of the process. After installation Scan your device with the one. Don’t know how? Here you go! Follow these below steps and scan your device with ease.

How To Clean Your Phone From Virus

  • At first, open the Mobile Security app for Android
  • Then, tap on Mcafee Setup Antivirus
  • Next, you need to tap on Scan Device option to perform a full scanning
  • Whenever the scanning process gets completed, the scan duration and the number of scanned, infected, deleted and quarantined objects will be displayed on your screen
  • Finally, tap on OK to finish

Hopefully, your issue is sorted now. If you are having an issue while performing these steps then you must take professional help. You can contact our team. We have some skilled professionals to help you in every possible way. However, for more troubleshooting fixes on another issue, you should check our other articles. Do comment below to keep us motivated to provide you with helpful guidance.

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