Twitch emotes might be perplexing at times. You could be idly watching a stream when you realise that everyone in the chat is using the same emote. The audience has gone on to spamming different things before you even realise what has happened. Once you get the Pepega Twitch emote, the Pepega meaning becomes much more evident. This one doesn’t require much for you to figure it out.

What Does PEPEGA Mean?

What Does PEPEGA Mean?

Pepega is a surprised look shown by a customized image of Pepe the Frog.

As you might be aware, this character has been linked to certain negative associations, but in this universe of memes, groups seem not to mind, and it is widely used to express amazement and surprise, which captures your attention and keeps you glued to the screen. Pepega’s expression of astonishment, on the other hand, has a mocking tone to it. It’s a thing of admitting, “Wow, look at this ridiculously foolish thing!” It also communicates the normal “wut?” attitude when phrased as a question.

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PEPEGA: Twitch Origin

PEPEGA: Twitch Origin

After accidentally developing the emote in a random Discord conversation, Pepega came to Twitch Channel Points in 2018.

The community’s first reaction was negative, but the meme increased in popularity and large groups of people adopted it over time.

In Twitch conversations and Reddit’s /r/forsen, people frequently use the Pepega emote. When spamming Pepega, one of the most common following words are “FOOR SAAAN,” which is an allusion to Forsen. The number of A’s and O’s indicates how much emotion it conveys.

PEPEGA Emote: Controversy

PEPEGA: Controversy

Because this emote is taken from Pepe the Frog, and it is related to some people with  racism, white supremacy, & anti-semitism. It is not suggested to make use of this meme outside of those communities where people genuinely  have a sense of humour over the internet & understand memes.

Just look up what Jordan Peterson, a well-known clinical psychologist, went through, after his photo & a group of people brandishing a Pepe the Frog flag surfaced a few years ago.

To his amazement, some people don’t understand Online culture and will go to any length to trash those they don’t like by connecting them with shady characters.

If you want not to be a victim of this strategy, avoid Pepega in public places.

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Ending Words

This article is a detailed review on Pepega: Origin Of The Meme. From Pepega meaning to the controversy, our content covers it all. We hope you like our post and will give you more origin of memes like this along with their detailed reviews.

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