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In recent times, many active gamers coming from different parts of the world have been reporting about overwatch server status errors that are said to be disrupting their gameplay in one way or another. Overwatch is a popular PC game that went viral after people started recognizing the customizable features it holds onto in the first place. If you are witnessing random server connectivity errors and not able to login to any of your Overwatch gaming account, then perhaps you need to make some changes to the active internet connection or within the gaming window to get back to the gameplay in a swift.

What causes ‘Overwatch lost connection to the game server’ errors?

If at all Overwatch has been constantly disconnecting from the server and reporting with ‘overwatch game server connection failed’ type of errors, then probably you need to

  • Check with the Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Close programs that have been interrupting Overwatch from connecting to the internet
  • Fix any kind of network hardware driver-related problems
  • Change networking settings.

Possible solutions to solve Overwatch server status related problems:

Rebooting the network:

By rebooting the internet network, you are about to improvise the overall internet connectivity speed to an extent. Due to over usage, the modem might send out poor internet connection speed that might fluctuate the Overwatch server status. Restarting the modem shall quickly solve the issues.

  1. Completely unplug the modem from the power source.lost connection to game server overwatch
  2. If you are using a wireless router, then unplug it too.Overwatch server status
  3. Wait for a minute or two, and then plug the network devices to the power source
  4. Make sure all the indicator lights are functioning normally 
  5. Test the internet connection speed and the signal range before launching the Overwatch game 
  6. If your computer system has been receiving poor Wi-Fi signals, then change the location of your Wi-Fi router anywhere nearby
  7. Exit and re-launch the Overwatch game

Start accessing your gaming profile and check if any type of ‘lost connection to game server overwatch’ shows up. If no server error pops up, then restarting the modem has completely resolved the issue. If the server issue reappears, then follow up with the upcoming solution.

Updating the Network Driver:

Using an outdated network driver shall be one among the reason to witness Overwatch servers down kind of errors. You need to update the network driver once in a while to make use of the internet connection to its full potential. If you are not able to update the network drivers through Windows system settings, then try installing trustworthy third-party software applications like ‘Driver Booster’ to find possible driver updates and fix any kind of network failure issues in a swift.

  1. Download ‘Driver Booster’ software installation file based upon the Windows version your computer or laptop has been running in the first place
  2. Follow the on-screen provided instructions to install Driver Booster
  3. After installing, open it up and then click upon the ‘Scan’ button.Overwatch server down
  4. This action shall let the software application search for possible outdated, faulty and missing drivers present in your computer
  5. A list of outdated device drivers shall get displayed, from which you need to choose ‘Network adapters’
  6. Click on the ‘Update’ button found nearby to the ‘Network Driver’.overwatch game server connection failed
  7. Wait until the update gets automatically completed
  8. Once the network driver has been updated, navigate to the left panel within the Driver Booster application and click upon the ‘Tools’ icon
  9. From the loaded action list, select ‘Fix Network Failure’. overwatch server status till

By following the above-mentioned steps you are about to update your Windows system to the latest network driver and fix any kind of network failure issues that have been hindering with overwatch server status till now. Run the Overwatch game and check if the server connects fine to the internet connection. If no kind of game server issue pops up then certainly this particular solution has resolved the issue. If you are still facing overwatch servers down kind of warning message, then follow the next solution.

Renewing DNS Server and IPS Address:

Sometimes hosting internet connection through a wrong IPS address and the DNS server can result in showcasing Overwatch servers down errors. To make sure your Windows running computer or laptop is said to be using the right IP address, you need to perform the flush action with the DNS server. To do so,

  1. Make a click on the ‘Start’ button from the Tool Bar
  2. Within the Search box, type Command Prompt.lost connection to game server overwatch
  3. A list of programs shall automatically load up, from which you need to right-click on the ‘Command Prompt’ program
  4. Select ‘Run as Administrator’ option to open it in administrator mode.Overwatch server status
  5. Within the Command Prompt window, type ipconfig /release and then press upon the ‘Enter’ key from the keyboard
  6. Your Windows IP shall be reconfigured with this action
  7. After this, type ipconfig /renew and press the ‘Enter’ key.Overwatch server down
  8. The Command Prompt window shall run and renew the IP address one after another
  9. Type ipconfig / flushdns and press the ‘Enter’ key to flush the DNS server address as well.overwatch game server connection failed
  10. Close the Windows Prompt window
  11. Restart Windows to activate the changes made to the IP address and DNS server.

Open up the Overwatch game and start accessing the gameplay. Overwatch server status must be fine by now and run without showing up any kind of internet connection error. If this solution doesn’t work for you, then probably you need to reset Winsock by following the steps mentioned below.

Resetting Winsock:

Winsock is a default Windows program that solely manages the network access for all the software applications installed to your Windows 7 or 10 running system. To reset Winsock,

  1. Open up Command Prompt
  2. Press the ‘Windows’ button from the keyboard along with the ‘R’ button to launch the Run dialogue box
  3. Within the mentioned boxes, type cmd and press the ‘OK’ button. overwatch server status till
  4. The Command Prompt window shall load up
  5. Within the loaded window, type netsh Winsock reset.Overwatch server status
  6. Press the ‘Enter’ button to reset Winsock to its default settings
  7. Close the Command Prompt window and restart the PC
  8. You can restart by pressing ‘Alt’ key along with ‘F4’ key from the keyboard to load up the boot menu
  9. Select ‘Restart’ from the drop-down list.Overwatch server down
  10. Click on the ‘OK’ button to restart the computer and to activate the actions that were made with Winsock. 

Run Overwatch game and check if the ‘lost connection to game server overwatch’ type of errors shows up. If no such thing comes by your way, then resetting Winsock has permanently resolved the overwatch servers issues.

Disabling the proxy server to bypass overwatch servers down issues:

If you have been constantly making use of proxy servers to run Overwatch game in your PC or laptop, then you might experience a lost connection to the game server in Overwatch type of errors. Follow the instructions as mentioned below to disable the proxy servers.

  1. From your PC connected keyboard, press upon the ‘Windows logo’ button and the ‘R’ button together to open up the ‘Run’ dialog box
  2. Make a click on the box using the mouse cursor and then type inetcpl.cpl.overwatch game server connection failed
  3. Click upon the ‘OK’ button or press the ‘Enter’ button from the keyboard to open up the ‘Internet Properties’ window
  4. Select the ‘Connections’ tab and then click upon the ‘LAN settings’ button.overwatch game server connection failed
  5. This action shall load a new pop-up, within which you need to uncheck on the box that says ‘Use a proxy type server for LAN’
  6. Select the box that says ‘Automatically detect settings’. overwatch server status till
  7. After performing both these actions, click upon the ‘OK’ button to activate the change made to your PC’s internet properties

If you are using a VPN to access the internet then disable it and then launch the Overwatch game. If the proxy server has been hindering with overwatch server status, then disabling the proxy server must have sorted out the issue. If not, probably you need to configure the DNS server settings as mentioned in the next solution.

Changing the DNS server:

If ‘Overwatch lost connection to game server errors have been interrupting your gameplay then try changing the DNS server settings by following the below-mentioned steps as it is.

  1. Open ‘Run’ dialog box by pressing the ‘Windows logo’ key and the ‘R’ key from the laptop or PC connected keyboard
  2. Within the ‘Open’ dialogue box, type Control and then press upon the ‘Enter’ button to load up the ‘Control Panel’.Overwatch server status
  3. Now, you need to change the ‘View by’ preferences into ‘Category’ 
  4. Under the ‘Network and Internet’ section, select ‘View network status and tasks’.overwatch game server connection failed
  5. The ‘Network and Sharing Center’ window shall load up
  6. From the left panel, select ‘Change adapter settings’ using your mouse cursor.overwatch game server connection failed
  7. A list of networks that you have been using till now to access the internet shall get displayed
  8. You need to make a right-click on the network that you have been currently using and then select the ‘Properties’ action from the loaded configuration list.overwatch game server connection failed
  9. Double click upon the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) button open its properties.Overwatch server status
  10. Now, you must first select the option that says ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’ and ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’
  11. Manually enter the ‘Preferred DNS Server’ as and the ‘Alternative DNS Server’ as game server connection failed
  12. Click upon the ‘OK’ button using the mouse cursor or press the ‘Enter’ button from the keyboard to activate every other DNS server changes that you have made so far.

Restart the computer and then launch the Overwatch game. See if the overwatch server status is fine and the game has been actively running without encountering any server-related issues. If yes, then you have cleared up the overwatch servers down issues by changing the DNS address. If the issue still comes up then follow up on the next fix.

Closing bandwidth-hogging applications:

Software applications like Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud can run in the background and acquire the entire internet connectivity speed to upload and download files. Due to bandwidth-hogging happening with these software applications, you might end up facing overwatch game server connection failed issues. You need to manually close all the applications that have been hogging up the existing internet bandwidth by following the upcoming steps.

  1. From your PC connected keyboard, press the Ctrl, Shift and Esc button altogether to open up the Task Manager
  2. Make a right-click on the application that has been taking advantage of the internet bandwidth
  3. A configuration list shall load nearby the application name
  4. Select the ‘End Task’ optionoverwatch game server connection failed

Close the ‘Task Manager’ window and run the Overwatch game to check with the Overwatch server status. If no kind of annoying overwatch game server connection failed issues pop-up, then closing the bandwidth hogging application has completely resolved the issue.

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