Outlook Search Not Working

Is your Outlook Search not Working on your Windows Computer? It is really common among the Outlook users. Due to its simple user interface and easy to use features Microsoft Outlook has a huge users base across the globe. Along with that Outlook is one of the most reliable email service provider available in the market. Still, at times you might have to face different issues.

Outlook Search Not Working

It is always better to know the reasons behind your issues since that helps to avoid further problems. Here are the reasons behind the Outlook Search not responding error.

What Causes Outlook Search Not Working

  • Due to the problem with the Internet connections
  • An Oversized PST Files Causing the problem
  • The problem caused due to a problem with your browser.
  • Any other application interfering with this process
  • The inappropriate functionality of Indexing options of Microsoft Office 365 outlook

The “Search” algorithm is integrated into MS Outlook, and it is one of the most significant features of this particular application. This tool offers help in performing a specific search with a defined criterion. Not only that, but this algorithm also provides help in navigating through emails or other email components quite easily. But at times, the search tool incorporates various kinds of malfunctions and your Outlook 365 search doesn’t work. The result might be either blank or improper outputs.

This Outlook Search Not Working issue is common to all versions of Microsoft Outlook because all have the same base on its functionality. Once if it stops working, it will affect your ability to navigate through emails. Sometimes, it will show results up to a certain date and at other times, it provides you with zero results.

Outlook Search Not Working

Effective Solutions to fix Outlook search

If your search tool becomes unresponsive, it is f no use. So you need to resolve it immediately. We offer the listed below services:

  • Rebuild the Outlook index by using programs and features or by using the Outlook index repair menu option
  • Check the list of Outlook Index locations
  • Use Windows Registry to fix Outlook Search
  • Update Microsoft Office to the latest version to resolve search not working in Outlook 365 issue
  • Repair your Outlook personal folder file, depending on the Outlook version
  • Verify the settings of the Outlook Indexing Group Policy
  • Reinstall Microsoft Outlook at last

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However, now you know all the problem with Outlook Search and relatable general fixes also.

But, if those fixes do no workout then go for an expert’s help. You can contact our support team for an instant solution. Need further information about us? Well, leave a comment here. We will get back to you within a couple of minutes

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