Quickbooks is fundamentally a great accounting software. It can handle almost all the accounting tasks single-handedly. Quickbooks mainly focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. This means, there could be chances that after you have become a bigger firm, you may want to switch to other accounting software for more advanced tools and features. This is why you may want to open the Quickbooks company files without actually using Quickbooks. Opening QBW files without Quickbooks is kinda peculiar. It is not like opening the Company file normally. Anyway, it is not an impossible or complex task. With the right set of steps, you can easily do this. Luckily, we are here to show you How to open qbw file without Quickbooks.

Essentially, you can open the Quickbooks company file without Quickbooks in order to check your financial report. Basically, you can do this using the export function of Microsoft Excel. Anyway, without getting you all bored let’s see how you can do this.

What is the QuickBooks Company (.QBW) File?

how to open quickbooks nd and tlg file without qbw file 2015

The QuickBooks company file that has the .QBW extension is the type of file in the Quickbooks program that is used to store your financial information, letters, images, logos, and templates. You can launch the file within QuickBooks Desktop. You just have to browse the .QBW extension from the File tab.

What are the instances when you have to 

Some of the cases where you may need to open your company file without QuickBooks are listed below-

  • The major reason why you need to open qbw file “without QuickBooks” is because you have switched the accounting application.
  • There is some kind of issue or error due to which you can’t open the company file using Quickbooks.

If you encounter any of these situations, then you will have to open the QBW files without using Quickbooks. At some instances, you will have to Reprint w2 Quickbooks. It is the tax form that is required for the employees of your company. 

How to Open a QBW file Without Quickbooks?

how to open qbw file without quickbooks

Follow the below steps to open your company file without actually using Quickbooks.

First Step 

Firstly, you have to click the Start icon from your Desktop. Go to All Programs. When the program lists appear, look for Intuit in order to choose Quickbooks.

Second Step

Simply, Right-click on the company file that you wish to open. Now, from the drop-down menu, you have to choose Open. If asked, you will have to enter the password. Next, you have to navigate through in this order Customers > Vendors > Employees. Later, select Customer Center.

Third Step

Sim[ply choose the Excel option which is located on the top of the screen. You have to click the option named Export Excel. An Excel file will get launched on your screen. You will have to name the file and later save it on your computer. Finally, hit the Export button.

Fourth Step

You have to open the imported file from Excel Version 2010 or later. This is because you will not be able to open it from an older version. The best practice will be to launch .QBW file without QuickBooks from the latest version of Excel.

Fifth Step

Once the file is imported, click the Data tab and then select the Other Resources tab.

Sixth Step

Now from the window, you have to find the .qbw and if you are unable to spot it, you may search for it separately.

Seventh Step

Finally, choose the new .QBW file on finding. It will pop up instantly.

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Wrapping up!

Hurray! Now you are a master of opening QBW files without using Quickbooks. We hope that you were able to perform it without much of a hassle and facing any issue then quickbooks customer service is there to help you out.. If so, as an act of gratitude, you may want to check other tech-related articles on our website. These posts are specifically made to resolve the issues you are facing. Not just that., you will learn a lot about different areas of the industry. So, don’t forget to give it a shot. 

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