Netgear Router Setup.

Netgear router is one of the world’s best router that gives you a smooth and fast internet connection. Be it your home or office, to experience the fastest internet connection, Netgear router is the best. But the question that comes in our mind while talking about Netgear router is that how to install Netgear router when you don’t have a CD. Well, I have created this post to introduce you to the Netgear Wireless  Router Setup.

Netgear Wireless Router Setup

Methods for Netgear Router Setup Without CD

When you buy the router, you get a CD along with it. The CD includes a wizard which is designed to make the installation easy. But in case you have lost the CD or it is not working, you still have another option left. You can find Netgear’s control panel on your computer.

This control panel will help you with Netgear Router Setup, adding security protocols, changing the administrator’s password and viewing the devices that are currently connected to your network.

Method One- Netgear Router Setup-Ethernet Cable

Connect your router to your modem with an Ethernet cable and plug it into the Internet or Line In port. Then Connect your router to your computer. For doing that, you require an additional networking cable available on the back of your router. Later, when you are done with the configuration, you can then disconnect it from your computer. To use the router, plug it into a power source and press its power button.

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Method Two- Visit the Netgear Login Portal

Open a web browser from your computer and visit the Netgear Login Portal. Then you have to login with your default username and password. Here you can do a Netgear Router Setup from the login portal. Personally, I think, it is the easiest method.

Go to your Router’s dashboard and click on the Wireless Settings link. Here you can change the settings. But if you want to change the name of your network, you can type it in a new value in “SSID” field.

Netgear Router Setup

You will get to see security options on the list. Choose WEP or WPA. This will allow you to secure your network from intruders. You can also set up a password which will prevent other users from accessing your connection.

Method Three-Final Step for Netgear Router Setup

Once you are done with the wireless settings, choose the Apply option. Now you can use the Netgear internet connection from your compatible wireless device. You have to put in the password which you have specified during the security setup. Exit your browser and disconnect the cable from your computer. Now use a high-speed internet connection on your device.


WPA2 is the most trusted method for securing your network. It is a way to better than WEP or WPA.

If your Netgear router dashboard uses the default password, click on the Set Password option. You can change it from the control panel or anyone with the WLAN can log in to your control panel.

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