Windows provides a variety of useful features and deals to its users. Whereas Microsoft is the leader that builds, plans and delivers the features. The Microsoft compatibility service is one of the features that it offers. This feature is enabled by default in Microsoft Devices; collects information about the user activity. This data collection process open doors to a lot of troubles like high disk usage, privacy issues etc.   

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage Fix

Well, in that case, you must disable the Microsoft compatibility Telemetry which you will find in your Windows task manager. Yet, you can still save the disk space and CPU storage.


What is Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry?

Compatibility Telemetry is a technical data collecting program for windows devices that collect information about the device activity, performance etc. Microsoft collects all the device data to improve the Windows services and to increase the user experience. Some of its main functions include:

  • It enhances the Windows performance keeping it reliable and secure.
  • Updates Windows regularly.
  • Enables Windows engagement surfaces.
  • Measures and improves the windows usage.

You may have noticed the Microsoft Compatibility telemetry in your device’s task manager. Though the company doesn’t spy on its users it certainly acquires a huge space of CPU or disk of any computer. In order to fix this compatibility telemetry error to save your CPU and Disk space, you can apply the below-listed methods.

  • Use Command Prompt

You can simply fix the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry error in Windows with the Command Prompt method. You have to type the instruction in the CMD window space and keep tabbing enter after every command.

  • Open the windows CMD prompt.
  • Right click and choose run as administrator in the CMD window.
  • Enter the commands and keep pressing enter.


  • Use Registry Editor

If the previous method doesn’t work out, you can opt this method and try. The registry method can also be used to fix the Microsoft compatibility Telemetry error in your Windows device. Registry method generally solves the disk or the CPU issue. If it doesn’t work, try applying the below method.


  • Drivers Update

You can also update your device drivers and check if the method has worked. Regular driver updates mostly solve all the troubles and software issues. It is an effective way to manage Microsoft compatibility telemetry error. You can update your device drivers either manually or by downloading your device drivers from your device manufacturer’s official website. Automatic device driver updates are also available. There is much software that provides automatic device driver updates for each and every PC model. Choose your model and let the software update your PC drivers.


  • Service Manager

Follow the steps to apply this method:

  • Go to the service manager using the Run command and search for connected user experience and telemetry in the options.
  • Right click on the telemetry option and select properties from the drop list.
  • You will find several actions to apply.
  • Select stop and choose to disable from the list.
  • Click “ok” and apply it



The above-listed methods are common methods which we generally don’t care to apply. But these things should be taken care on any device to save disk space.  

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