Linksys Router Setup

Linksys is one of the most popular router brands in the market known for its super fast and smooth internet speed. Despite its popularity, users often face difficulties setting it at their office, home or at any other location. A number of Linksys router such as WRT54G, WRT610n, and the Linksys e4200 which support both wired and wireless network configurations via an omnidirectional antenna. And we are going to learn the easy and simple process for Linksys Router Setup.

Linksys Router Setup

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Simple Step-By-Step Guide for Linksys Router Setup

In the world of fastest internet connections, Linksys is no wonder a remarkable name. There is nothing frustrating about its setting up the process. Now, let me show you some easy methods that you can perform. It is highly advisable for you to perform these steps in the correct ascending order.

      1. Plug in the router to your wall outlet and power on the switch then go through the initialization processLinksys Router Setup
      1. Next, you have to insert an ethernet cable into the cable modem port
      1. Next, insert another ethernet cable to the appropriate port of your computer
      1. Open a web browser from your PC and type the IP Address: IP Address
      1. Now type in Admin for both the username and password
      1. From the setup page, you can now change the router name

    Linksys Router Setup

      1. I suggest you change the name and put a unique one to avoid confusions with other routers in your area
      1. Now select the Save Settings menu button and then click the Continue button then you will see “Settings are successful” dialogue.
      1. At the top of the router’s settings screen, you will find the Wireless menu tab; select it
      1. Change Wireless Network Name or the SSID to something unique

    Linksys Router Setup

      1. Now you have to disable the Wireless SSID Broadcast option
      1. Select Save Settings after that
      1. Then the “Settings are successful” dialogue will be displayed on-screen, just click continue
      1. Now select the Wireless Security sub menu from the top of the screen
      1. The Security Mode drop-down menu box will allow you to choose the WEP menu option. Select 128 bits 26 hex digits and then type in a password within eight characters in the Passphrase box
      1. Go to the Generate menu option and click on the Save Settings button
      1. Click Continue when settings are successful
      1. If you want to enable the MAC filtering, you can select the Wireless MAC Filter option then select Permit only and click Save Settings Linksys Router Setup
      1. Select the Edit MAC Filter List menu button and enter each computer address to allow to connect to the network. Select Save Settings and click the continue button
      1. Select the Administration menu tab
    1. Enter password, save settings and continue

So by performing these simple process, you can successfully do the Linksys Router Setup. In case you are having a problem with the manual setup, just let us know in the comment box below.

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