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Fix Software Erros

QuickBooks Error 6000

QuickBooks, the accounting software from Intuit is a real masterpiece. The software has changed the way of managing the business accounts on its own. It makes thing easy and convenient. While QuickBooks is the best in the array...


Alexa Not Working

Nowadays life is easy with the voice assistance smart home hub, right? While talking about the same Alexa comes in our mind first. It became an undetectable part of our daily life since 2017. As we just need to ask our desired...

Fix Windows Errors

Windows Update Not Working

Windows Update is the cornerstone of your computer and holds the capability of maintaining the integrity and security of your system. Your Microsoft provides you featured Operating System updates by this Windows Update extension...


Razer Synapse Not Working

Enjoy using Razer devices associated with your PC? Then you must have installed Razer Synapse in your computer. But when your Synapse leave you in the lurch? It’s very frustrating, right? Well, many of us have faced the...

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Windows Errors

Windows 10 Search Not Working

Facing problem with the Windows 10 Search or Cortana? This is not something new among the Windows 10 operating system users? Most of the users are pretty accustomed to Windows 10 Search not working error. If you are having the...

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