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Quickbooks Intuit Data Protect is a very helpful tool developed by Intuit (the developer of Quickbooks). This amazing tool helps Quickbooks users like you and me to keep our financial data safe and secure. This is made possible with advanced encryption protocols. Not just that, you no longer have to worry about data loss, damage, or corruption.  Although this tool uses advanced encryption methods and has been developed flawlessly, at times you may encounter Intuit Data Protect has stopped working issue.

The problem with this error or issue is that you no longer will be able to back up your important business files and data. Fortunately, you have landed at the right place. In this post, we will portray every single detail regarding this issue. Along with the solutions you will also be able to see the causes and effects.

So, without further delay, let’s get straight into this.Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working Error

When does Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working Error Occurs?

The intuit data protect (IDP) error occurs during the following instances.

  • Intuit Data Protect isn’t any longer operating.
  • Unable to seek out ADP icon from Windows taskbar.
  • Intuit Data Protect isn’t on your system.
  • Error 305 happens whereas backing up with IDT.
  • Intuit Data Protect isn’t launching.
  • Intuit Data Protect backup unsuccessful thanks to a Firewall or web property drawback.
  • Login error in apprehend Data Protect IDT
  • Intuit Data Protect doesn’t start mechanically.
  • The scheduled ADP backup isn’t operating.
  • Intuit online backup not operating.
  • Intuit Data Protect problems caused due to the inaccurate file.
  • Incorrect installation of the Data Protect.

What are the indications of Intuit Data Protect has stopped working Quickbooks? 

There are a number of reasons that can cause this error to occur. Let’s have a look at what they are.

  1. You will see this error arising if your Quickbooks desktop application has not been updated.
  2. Another possibility is that the Intuit Data Protect has not been updated.
  3. The windows firewall could be creating an obstacle for the working of IDP.
  4. In case, the IDP website has not been added as a trusted website.
  5. You may not have named the Quickbooks company file according to Intuit’s guidelines.
  6. The company file could be open on another workstation.
  7. If the IBuEngHost.exe file is not running on the admin user system, then it may cause issues in IDP backup.
  8. Failure of the NTFS file is another possibility.
  9. If incorrect credentials have been entered during intuit data protect login.

Solutions to Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working Quickbooks 2014

These are the solutions that you ought to apply in order to fix the issue you are facing. here is what you will have to do. 

Solution 1: Configure your Windows Firewall 

Often the windows firewall is not configured properly and eventually, you will have to face the IDP error. So let’s see how you can work this out.

  1. Launch the Start menu and in the search box, you have to enter Firewall.
  2. Simply click on the Windows Firewall search result.
  3. You now have to click on the Allow an app through the Windows Firewall option. Later select Allow another app.
  4. Hit the ‘Browse’ button. Next, you have to navigate to the file destination ‘Program Files(x86)\ Common Files \Intuit \ Data Protect.’
  5. You will have to choose ‘QBIDPsevice.exe’ from the files. Simply click on the ‘Open’ button.
  6. Under ‘Network types’ tick mark the ‘Private’ box.
  7. Press the ‘Add’ button.
  8. You will have to choose the ‘IBUengHost.exe’ file.
  9. Click on ‘Open’ and reinitiate Step number 6.
Add Intuit Data Protect as a trusted website
  1. Firstly, click the Start button. Find and select Internet options.
  2. Choose the option named ‘Security’. Navigate to ‘Trusted sites.’

where do i find intuit data protect has stopped working

Now you have to click on the ‘Sites’. Enter the following sites one by one.

  1. Make sure to press the Add button after entering every website.
  2. The ‘Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone box should be unmarked.

Method 2: Making the IDP icon Visible 

These are the steps that you need to make the Intuit Data Protect  icon visible.

  • open Quickbooks and navigate to the ‘Help’ menu. Now press the ‘Update QuickBooks’ option.

intuit data protect login

  1. Visit the ‘Update Now’ tab and tick the ‘Data Protect’ from the list.
  2. Select the ‘Get Updates’ button.
  3. Now, right-click the ‘Intuit Data Protect’ icon and choose ‘About Intuit Data Protect.’
  4. Finally, you have to click the ‘Update.’ button. Hit ‘OK’ when the update is finished.

Method 3: Use Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic Tool

The IDP Diagnostic Tool is a magnificent tool designed byIntuit. It majorly focuses on resolving errors like Data protect has stopped working. It scans the computer’s memory and connected parts to diagnose and fix problems.

  1. Right-click on the ‘Intuit information Protect’ icon on your Desktop or Taskbar.
  2. Click on the ‘About Intuit Data Protect’ choice.
  3. Click on the ‘Run Diagnostics’ button to run the scan.
  4. Error prompt can be seen if something is found and maybe resolved consequently.

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Solution 4: Update QuickBooks Desktop & IDP to the latest version

There are instances when the Quickbooks Desktop is not updated. It is always important to update your Quickbooks application to the latest version available. This is because these updates contain major bug fixes and feature changes. These changes are vital and help in eradicating a certain number of issues.

You should note that along with the Quickbooks update, you have to update the IDP also. This will most probably help in rectifying the Intuit Data Protect has stopped working issue.

Solution 5: Run IBuEngHost.exe File as a System User

The IBuEngHost.exe File ought to run as a System user for the economical functioning of the Data Protect. Make certain that the file isn’t running as a Windows user. Here is how you can do this.

  • Right-click the Windows Taskbar then choose to Start Task Manager from the Drop-down list
  • Select the Details tab and find IBuEngHost.exe, and there you wish to see if it’s “User name-System” & “Status-running.” If not, follow these steps-
  • Download a brand new installer for the QuickBooks Desktop version and reserve it for the placement, wherever you will simply realize it.
  • Now right-click the installer from its location and choose Run as Administrator from the list.
  • Now act with the re-installation method.
  • Once the installation is finished, explore for IBuEngHost.exe in Task Manager once more and check equivalent criteria fixed higher than for BuEngHost.exe file

Solution 6: Exempt IDP Files from Firewall Restrictions

Intuit Data Protection must access your company file for an associate economical backup method. You would like to make sure that the vital files square measure allowed for the Windows Firewall. This also helps in resolving the QuickBooks search not working issue. 

  • Click the Windows start icon and enter Firewall within the search field
  • Now choose permit associate app through Windows Firewall > permit another app
  • Click Browse, find QBIDPservice.exe then open up
  • Select Network sorts then checkmark the box for personal.
  • Next, click Add
  • Again Browse and Open IBUenghost.exe and IntuitDataProtect.exe.

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So, this is how you are supposed to rectify the intuit data protect login and intuit data protect download issue. We hope that you were able to find what you were looking for in our post. If so, do not forget to check out other articles on our website. They are going to be of great use to you.

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