Having issues while sending or receiving messages using your iOS devices? All the blue speech bubbles are turning into green bubbles? Then your iMessage must be lacking. Well, don’t worry as you are not alone who is facing the iMessage Not Working On MAC issue. This issue is very common to all iPhone users.

iMessage Not Working On Mac

However, I have compiled all the reasons here. And it’s a total troubleshooting guide to ease your difficulties. Check it out. Know about the causes and fix the root to fix the issue. Fix your MAC and send messages again.  

Let’s proceed,

Now focus on the common issues you may face with any of your MAC. No need to mention, you will get to know about the causes of all these issues listed here.

  • Reasons behind iMessage Not Working On MAC
  • iMessage Not Working on iPad
  • Or iMessage Not Working iOS 11
  • iMessage is not working for one contact
  • Or the iMessage is not working on MacBook air

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From where iMessage Not Working on MAC Issue Originates?

Try to find out where the exact issue is beforehand. Check that iMessage is not working for only one contact, or for other contacts also. If it’s for one contact then the problem is at their end. You don’t have anything to do with that. But if it’s not working for all the contacts then the problem must be at your end. Then you have a lot to do.

Check if iOS is Outdated
Next check for the iOS updates. If your iOS device is outdated it can cause the issue. Hence update the iOS software and solve the issue.
Check the Internet Connection Issue
Check your internet connection firstly. The Internet issue is the one thing that can lead to several problems. If there is any, fix it then and their. Your issue will be sorted.
Check the iMessage Server
Then, check the iMessage server and if it is down it will originate the issue. Not only you but also all the iOS device users will face the one. But it’s not common at all. Hence, there must be another reason behind your iMessage not activating issue.

iMessage Settings Issue

If your iMessage is off, it can raise the issue. On the other hand, if your iMessage set up is not done correctly then it’s enough to cause the issue. Hence, on the iMessage option of your device and set it up correctly.

Junk Files Can Cause The Issue

Sometimes, junk files can cause the issue. Hence, clear the junk or turn off and then restart your phone to clear all the junks. It will fix your problem.

Messages not delivered

No Space for New Messages
If there is a lack of space for the new messages then it must generate the issue. If your iMessage box is full, clear it to make space for new messages


Try the given troubleshooting tips at first and if it doesn’t work then connect our customer support team. Our efficient engineers to take care of your issue. No need to mention, we try hard to fix your issues. Ask your further queries in the comment box. Do check my other articles for different issues.

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