Have your Windows running computer system been detecting idp.generic virus by AVG or Avast antivirus program in recent times? If at all the virus detected notification has been bothering you a lot then you need to remain calm as there are multiple ways to get rid of it in the first place. idp.generic

What is idp.generic?

IDP generic is a common term that is widely used to describe the malware infections that are collectively recognized by the antivirus program. The anti-virus program that you have installed to your computer system shall identify the files or programs that are prone to malware activities or got affected by one. This is why, the antivirus program tends to block the particular file, making it difficult to run the program or let it crash for no reason at all. 

This particular threat message can be a type of false-positive and not a real threat, either way; it is a must to get rid of it at the early stage as possible. Before moving onto the solutions list, you must understand what causes the IDP.Generic to show up on your computer or laptop.

The root cause of witnessing idp.generic in avast anti-virus program

Any kind of warning that is sent from the Avast antivirus program must not be ignored at any circumstances. Even if the IDP generic threat might be a false positive, you must not take it for granted. 

Using older versions of avast anti-virus program shall send out of such false idp generic threat detected notifications. This means you have an outdated antivirus program definition that has fewer capabilities in finding malware and viruses. If possible find a program or virus definition update that you can initiate straight from the Avast anti-virus program itself. If you are not a premium user, then you might be asked to clear pay to download the update file in the first place. 

Steps to get rid of avast idp.generic false positive

If IDP Generic has been detected in your computer, then you need to remove the infected file or folder from the Avast virus vault before the antivirus blocks it up.

  1. Open up Avast anti-virus software program that has been installed to your computer by clicking upon the Start button and by typing ‘Avast’ on the search bar. idp.generic in avast
  2. After loading up Avast, navigate to the ‘Menu’ section and then click upon the tab that says ‘Settings’.
  3. Under the ‘General’ tab, select ‘Exceptions’ option.
  4. You will be prompted with an ‘Add Exception’ action window in a new pop-up window.
  5. Add the specific folder path location or the executable file that has been causing idp.generic virus threat to pop-up. avast idp.generic
  6. After adding up the local drive path, click upon the ‘Add Exception’ button

These actions shall remove the exact file or folder, in which the Avast software has been falsely reporting for a possible virus thread.

An alternate way to bypass IDP Generic in Avast software

Open up Avast anti-virus program, either from the desktop shortcut or by clicking upon the Avast application icon from the notification panel

  1. Once the Avast software program loads up, navigate to the ‘Protection section
  2. A list of options shall load up after selecting the ‘Protection’ section, from which you need to choose ‘Virus Chest’.IDP.Generic
  3. The virus chest has the entire potential virus or malware affected files and folders present in them
  4. A list of files that have been safely moved to the virus vault shall get listed
  5. You need to manually search for the file that has been detected as a virus and mentioned as an IDP.Generic infection
  6. After finding the file, make a right-click on it and then select the ‘Restore and Add Excursion’ option. idp.generic in avast

This way, the file gets removed from the Avast virus chest and no kind of false-positive virus detected notification shall get showcased. 

Using VirusTotal to identify the malicious threats of an idp generic infected file

VirusTotal, a free online virus analyzing tool that you can access using an internet connection to detect viruses, worms, Trojans and any kind of malware that has been affecting the overall performance of your computer system in one way or another. Following is a step-wise guide that you need to follow to let VirusTotal detect the malicious levels of the idp.generic infected file. 

  1. Visit the official service web portal of ‘VirusTotal’ from your laptop or computer that has been frequently showcasing IDP Generic infection happening to a particular file or folder
  2. From the homepage, click upon the ‘Choose File’ button.IDP.Generic
  3. A new pop-up window shall load up
  4. Browse through the local drive that has the infected file. idp.generic in avast
  5. After making the right selection, click upon the ‘Open’ button
  6. Now, you need to send the particular file to VirusTotal to let it automatically scan and showcase the level of maliciousness it holds onto
  7. Wait until the entire scanning process gets completed
  8. Once the process gets over, you will be provided with the virus or malware possibilities of the sent file. avast idp.generic

If at all the file has been affected by idp.generic then you will be prompted to move it to the virus chest of your installed Avast anti-virus program. If the file has no kind of malicious infection present in it, then it is most probably a false alarm Avast has been sending to you for having out-dated virus definitions. 

Manually removing avast detected idp.generic file

Manually removing IDP generic infected file can sound like a complicated task at first but once you tend to follow the below-mentioned steps you can get rid of any kind of suspicious malware activities that has been slowing down the overall performance of your computer. 

After identifying the complete list of suspicious programs using the Task Manager, you need to download and install ‘Autoruns’ software to your Windows running system

  1. Open up ‘Autoruns’ to check out the list of applications that starts up when you boot into your computer along with the file system path and the registry
  2. Now, restart the computer in Safe Mode
  3. Click upon the Start button from the taskbar
  4. Select the Shut Down button. idp.generic in avast
  5. From the prompted menu, select ‘Restart’ from the drop-down list and then click on the ‘OK’ button. avast idp.generic
  6. As the computer restarts, you need to press upon the ‘F8’ button from the connected keyboard continuously to load up the ‘Advanced Boot Options’ menu
  7. Use the up and down key from the keyboard to select the ‘Safe Mode With Networking’ option and then press upon the ‘Enter’ button to boot in safe mode. idp.generic in avast
  8. After the computer boots up, you need to run the ‘Autoruns’ executable file
  9. From the top-listed menu, select ‘Options’. idp.generic in avast
  10. Now uncheck both ‘Hide Window Entries’ and ‘Hide Empty Locations’ boxes
  11. After completing this action, click upon the ‘Refresh’ icon
  12. From the list of files showcased to be a potential malware, select the file that you are looking forward to permanently eliminate
  13. Make a right-click upon the idp.generic infected file and then choose the ‘Delete’ option. avast idp.generic

After manually removing the malware file, reboot in normal mode and check if at all the IDP generic infection notice has been bypassed or not. If Avast program locates a potential idp.generic infected file, then you need to visit the local drive folder and remove it by selecting the file and then pressing on the ‘Shift’ and ‘Delete’ button from the keyboard. 

Updating Avast Program, Engine and Virus definitions to bypass idp.generic false positive

  1. After connecting your computer to an active Wi-Fi internet connection, right-click on the Avast app icon from the notification panel
  2. A configuration list shall load up, from which you need to select ‘Update’. idp.generic in avast 
  3. Choose ‘Engine and Virus Definitions’. avast idp.generic
  4. The available set of virus definition update file details shall be showcased. idp.generic in avast
  5. Click upon the ‘Update’ button to initiate the update process

Wait until the process gets completed, and then initiate ‘Smart Scan’ or ‘Boot Scan’ to get rid of the idp.generic related malware threat notifications.

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