3 Ways to Resolve Iastordatasvc [High CPU Usage]

Ever crossed paths with iastordatasvc on your computer system? It’s certainly taking up too much of disk space and the CPU storage of your computer system. If this keeps happening, you might continue facing lagging and performance issues on your computer.

You may face the iastordatasvc error if you have recently upgraded your Windows version to Windows 10. It is a system process that consumes too much of CPU disk space causing several system and performance issues. So lets move on to how you can fix this error easily.

iastordatasvc fix

What is iastordatasvc?

Iastordatasvc is a system process that indicates the Intel storage Data service. This Intel storage service is not a virus, malware or a phishing activity that keeps running on the background of your computer system. Of course, the process name seems too complicated and fishy too.

It is used and processed by Intel Rapid Storage Technology that saves all the data, and the used files in the SSD storage also known as Solid state drive and keeps access to the drive too. This procedure of the iastordatasvc helps you to access and view all the software, tools and apps instantly without any issue.

It acts as a good booster for your computer system. Apart from all these benefits, it takes up too much of space, and that is not good. So, there comes a question, to keep the iastordatasvc 32-bit system on the computer system or not?

It is not a virus or a malware as mentioned earlier. If you have upgraded to the latest version of Windows, then the iastordatasvc process is more likely to get it installed along with the operating system. It just improves the user experience and performance on your computer. Still, if you don’t use the SSD, then it is not necessary on your computer system. So, yes, you can ultimately stop or disable it.

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Disabling iastordatasvc in Windows 10

There are several ways that will help you to stop these Intel storage issues in your computer system. Just follow these solutions accordingly.

  1. Scan Your Computer

To save your disk space or the CPU storage you can simply scan your computer system for possible virus or malware activities. This malware or phishing activities sometimes can, cause you with these annoying issues such as High disk space consumption. Take a full and a complete scan of your system and check if it has any kind of corrupted software. If yes, remove it immediately.

  1. Reinstall Rapid Storage Technology

You can uninstall and reinstall the Intel Rapid Storage technology that might be probably corrupted or is not installed properly. You will find this tool in the settings>apps and features and search for the process by its name. After you have uninstalled, restart your computer and then again install it.

  1. Disable iastordatasvc

You can simply disable the process from the services that would ultimately solve the heating problem of your laptop or your computer system. Search for the services in the start option. Just click WINDOWS + R KEY> type SERVICE.MSC> OK. You will find a list of services. Search for Intel Rapid Storage Technology and disable it from the drop-down menu of right click. Later click ok and apply it.

IasTordatasvc error

Iastordatasvc is gone!

You are completely safe using this system process. But yet, it consumes storage and spaces of your disk. It could be better for performance if you can disable it.

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