Tweak Your FireStick

Here we will talk about How to Jailbreak Amazon FireStick so that you can install those apps that allow you to stream free movies, TV shows, and other videos. With the help of a few hacks & tricks, you can get the most from your Amazon FireStick, Fire TV and Fire TV Cube. Before we begin, let’s learn more about jailbreaking.

How to Jailbreak Amazon FireStick

What is Jailbreaking Firesticks?  

The main reason for jailbreaking Firesticks is to install useful third-party applications on it. These are the applications that you won’t find in the official Amazon app store thus, you need to sideload those apps. Jailbreaking is another common term for sideloading.

Why Should You Jailbreak it?

Amazon Firesticks is one of the most popular and remarkable streaming devices in the world and every popular streaming platform comes with an app that works on Firesticks. However, not every owner of the firesticks is interested in those popular streaming apps. Some of us buy the Amazon firesticks to enjoy the free media player Kodi on it. But Kodi is not available in the Amazon app store so the only option that left is to jailbreak it.

Is Jailbreak Amazon FireStick Legal?

Sideloading apps on your Firesticks isn’t illegal, but people most of the times jailbreak apps so that they can watch copyrighted contents. So when there is nothing illegal about jailbreaking the device, the intention might be illegal. But if you intend to watch copyrighted contents, you must protect your location and device’s identity with a VPN program.

Easy Ways to Jailbreak Firesticks

Tweak Your FireStick

To enable the installation of apps from unknown sources, you need to tweak your Amazon Firesticks. You can do this without the help of a computer; here are the few steps:

  1. Use your remote and go to the“Settings” menu
  2. From there, you need to select “Device” and then pick “Developer Options”
  3. Enable “ADB debugging” also, “Apps from Unknown Sources”

Taking these simple steps will help you jailbreaking Firesticks, and after executing these steps, follow the next ones.

ES File Explorer

After the jailbreak is completed, you need to perform this method to run Kodi on your Amazon Firesticks. You have to install a file explorer on your device which is the safest and popular way to install the Kodi media player.

  1. Go to the Amazon store app from your device and search for “ES File Explorer” after finding it, click on the Download and Install button
  2. After the installation is completed, open the file and run it on your Amazon Firesticks device.

ES File Explorer

Now you will be able to install Kodi on the Firesticks device.

Install Kodi on Your Firesticks Device

To complete the Jailbreaking process of Amazon Firesticks, just install Kodi. Even though installing Kodi using the ES File Explorer isn’t that difficult, here are a few steps for your convenience.  Check out our other installation guide for in-depth details. 

  1. Open the file explorer and go to “tools” and select “Download Manager” from the left menu
  2. Hit the “+ New” button
  3. Now a new window will appear where you need to type the web address of the Kodi.Apk. Just search on the web and you will get plenty of results.
  4. When you are done with inserting the paths, you have to name the application. Name it Kodi and click on “Download now”
  5. Now the ES File Explorer will start downloading the Kodi app from your selected website
  6. When the file is downloaded, click on “open file” and then click on “install”
  7. Use the Firestick remote and go to the install option.

Install Kodi on Your Firesticks Device

You have successfully jailbroken your Amazon Firestick, now press the “Open” button to be able to use the Kodi media player. The app will take some time to open for the first time and after that, it will run smoothly on your device.

Get Kodi Add-ons After Installing Kodi

Though you can use Kodi only to watch contents, installing Kodi add-ons will take your streaming experience to a whole new level. Kodi add-ons are popular in providing you with free movies and TV shows. You can browse through different channels and watch live streams from different parts of the world as well.

Kodi add-ons might not be entirely legal, but if you use a VPN program, you are completely safe. If you are not knowledgable about the popular Kodi add-ons, here are some suggestions for you.

Most Popular Kodi Add-ons

You can use Exodus Redux, The Magic Dragon, The Magic Dragon that can bring high-quality streaming experience on your Firesticks. However, we just showed you some examples, and if you have any other excellent suggestion, please do leave a comment below.



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