Java Scripts are actually required to run any browser- also a few websites. Though, all the internet browsers that we get today have JavaScript enabled, installed certainly. When you surf through a website, you will see that there are many websites whose features are being enabled with the help of the JavaScript that you have enabled or are being installed in your web browser already. There are many features with the JavaScript that are enhanced especially when you are accessing a particular website or a page. You might be wondering how to enable JavaScript.

Sometimes, when you disable or deactivate the JavaScript you will see that the website that you are trying to access is not functioning the way it should. It could be probably because of the JavaScript that you have disabled. Don’t worry, here is the best guide to help you enable the JavaScript in your respective browser or your Android smartphone.

how to enable javascript

How to enable JavaScript in Chrome?

Enabling JavaScript in Chrome is quite easy and simple. If it is your android smartphone with the Chrome browser, then you have to launch the Chrome browser, just tap on the menu visible in the upper right corner. Once done, go to settings in the menu. Now after settings, just enter site settings, you will find JavaScript- check if it’s blocked or unblocked. If it’s blocked, just tap and change it to unblock or enable. If it is your chrome browser on a computer system then you have to enter the settings, go to advanced, click on content settings, you will find various options to be enabled and disabled. Do as you wish! This is how to enable JavaScript in Chrome.

How to enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer

Enabling JavaScript is very important, as its benefits reflect on the website that we are accessing. To enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, you just have to launch the Internet Explorer, just enter the settings option. Once entered the settings option, just go to internet settings>security>and then go to the Internet. Once entered the internet globe option, just tap on the custom level. This will take you to the scripting part of the browser. You will see an enable and disable option in the scripting section. Just enable it, and there you go now you don’t have to worry on how to enable JavaScript is in Internet Explorer.

How to enable JavaScript in Safari

Enabling JavaScript in Safari for both IPhone and Mac is quite easy and simple. If it is your iPhone, then you have to open your IPhone settings, you will find the Safari browser within it. Once entered the settings option, go to advanced settings. Now you just have to enable the JavaScript in your iPhone’s JavaScript browser. If you want to enable the Safari browser in Mac device. Just launch the Safari, now open the menu in the upper left corner of your Mac device’s screen. Now just enter the preferences option and click the security option. Once you have clicked the security option, you will see the JavaScript option. Enable the JavaScript option, if you want to disable then you can simply disable it with the same procedure.

How to enable JavaScript in Firefox

You can enable JavaScript in Firefox, you can simply launch the Firefox. Once you have opened the Firefox browser- just click on the upper right corner of the browser. There will be a menu of the browser. Get into the settings of the browser, you will see No script option in it. Just search for the JavaScript option. Make sure to enable it in order to get the best experience with the Firefox browser and the websites that you are trying to access.

How to enable Javascript in Firefox

How to enable JavaScript in Microsoft Edge

When it comes to Windows, enabling JavaScript is easy and very simple too. You just have to launch the Microsoft edge in your Windows computer system. Once done, just enter edit group policy in the control panel. Just scroll towards the Microsoft edge folder, you will find this folder in User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Microsoft Edge folder. You will find the JavaScript option in the Microsoft Edge folder, just click it and enable it. If you want to disable the JavaScript then you can try with the same procedure.

Enabling JavaScript is now easy!

Now it is very easy and simple according to enable the JavaScript in various browsers and computer devices. You can also enable the JavaScript in your smartphones. Just make sure that you are following the guide properly. In the middle of all this, you must know how to disable adblocker. Our posts have all the relevant info to help you with the procedures.

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