How to Disable Avast

Sometimes when you install a new third-party app or a new antivirus program, you require to disable your current antivirus program. You can perform two methods to turn off your Avast antivirus. I have mentioned How to Disable Avast so, check it out below.

How to Disable Avast

First of all, Avast antivirus comes in 4 different versions- Free antivirus, pro version, internet security 2018, and premier. So, let’s get to know how you can turn off the antivirus for temporary or permanently.

How to Disable Avast for Temporary from System Tray?

Follow these steps to disable Avast temporary from your system tray-

  1. Right -click on the Avast antivirus icon from the bottom taskbar. It can be in the hidden icons and you can click on the arrow to reveal them
  2. From the list, click Avast Shields Control
  3. Here you will find options and you have to click on the option you want to disable Avast for. Here you can also disable Avast permanently
  4. You will see a confirmation dialogue box
  5. Confirm the option that you picked earlier to turn off Avast antivirus

How to Turn off Avast from Settings

Follow these steps to complete the process from the settings option

  1. Go to Avast settings: do a double-click on the Avast icon
  2. You can find the settings option from the bottom of the new window
  3. Search for the Components from many options
  4. You have to turn off system shield, mail shield, web shield and then you can turn off Avast
How to Disable Avast

If you are disabling the antivirus for again and again for a new game or app to run permanently, you can add that program on the whitelist. The items you put into whitelist, Avast generally ignores them. Those programs can run without interruption from Avast. But, you should always make sure that the application you are adding to whitelist, is free from all sort of threats and you are absolutely confident about it.

Disabling Avast is not a good option while the cyber threats are increasing rapidly day-by-day. So, you are doing it on your own risk and the guide is only to help you out. Let us know in the comment box below, which of the above-mentioned methods you have applied to Disable Avast. If I can help you with more suggestions, please tell me so. For any information regarding Recovery tool and more, check out our other posts.

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