How to Disable Adblock

Since the last month, Chrome web browser has started to block ads by itself via the new inbuilt ad-blocking tool. The browser automatically blocks the ads that don’t fit its standard. But if you want to know how to turn that off, please read How to Disable Adblock. 

Chrome’s ad blocker is a new competitor in the current ad blocking industry where the leader is AdBlock. But this one gives the users easy access because we do not have to use it at all. You don’t have to install the blocker, it comes in by default and blocks advertisements automatically without user interaction.

But sometimes Google Chrome’s ad blocker interfere with the contents of the site, I mean the natural loading of the website. This may lead you to compromise with the user experience. And in some rare cases, the sites show errors too. So, the best option for you is to learn How to Disable Adblock.

How to Disable Adblock| Google Chrome ADBlocker

The only downside of this adblocker (Some people call it an advantage), is that you can only disable ads on a per-website basis. Similarly, if you want, you can enable it also by per-website basis.

  1. First, open a site from the Chrome browser
  2. Then from the address bar, click on the green lock button or the info button
  3. Next, click on Site settings
  4. Then you have to scroll down to find ads
  5. You will find a drop-down menu appears, click on the Allow option
  6. Here you can close the settings tab.

Here go the ways you can disable the adblocker from your Google Chrome browser. And similarly, in the same way, you can click on the Block (Default) option to enable it once again. We have other posts you can take a look at if you want to enable Javascript by any case.

I would not advise you to disable the ad blocker if you seriously do not need to. Advertisement sites really give you opportunities to know more, but many sites exceed the limit and go for intrusive ads and many pop-up options. In those cases, Google’s adblocker can help you out. Now, let me tell you how does the adblocker work.

How Do the AdBlocker Works?

While a webpage is loading on your browser, the browser is downloading the HTML code with all the referenced internal and external resources like images, CSS stylesheets, and JavaScript files. AdBlock, ABP, and other ad blocker extensions have a keywords list which marks the elements should not load. For example, the website will not display images that fall under the blacklisted “adBar” class. The Blacklist includes HTML elements but not really limited to it. Moreover, it does not load files name JS files named ads.js or iframes with URL parameters like ?adCount= etc.

So, I hope this guide helped you with what you were looking for, but if you need any more suggestion, just do not hesitate to drop us a comment below.  

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