How to delete a page in word

Any unwanted or an extra page in the Microsoft Word doesn’t look good. These extra pages in the Word document results in unwanted page breaks and paragraphs. If you are preparing your resume or CV in the Word document and you find an extra page at the least bottom, and you fail to delete it, do you think that would look good?

You would have wondered how to delete a page in a word? You might have tried (just the way I do) to delete the page by constantly clicking the low-right corner of the page and tabbing backspace or delete until it gets invisible.

Don’t worry as there are several in you can know how to delete a page in word and merely delete the unwanted or a blank page from your Word file or the document.

How to delete a page in word

How to delete a page in Word?

Deleting a page from a Word file or a document is actually quite easy. Try the below-mentioned methods and you will find no more blank pages on your Word file or the document.

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  1. Use Paragraphs

Never heard it right? This is one of the most popular methods that people use to erase the blank or the unwanted page in the Word file. But make sure that you are making it simple to visualize the information on what exactly you are deleting. This will display the empty paragraphs, or the page breaks. You have to press CTRL+SHIFT+8 in windows operating system to switch paragraphs. If you want to delete the empty paragraphs you have to select it and press delete option.

Use paragraphs

  1. Navigation Pane

Navigation pane will help you to delete an unwanted page in the Word file or document or probably your important educational assignment. You just have to go to view option> Navigation Pane and have to select the blank page thumbnail that you will find in the left-hand side of the panel. Now, you just have to press delete and remove the particular page from your file or the Word document. Using this simple method you won’t have to worry about how to delete a page in word.

Delete a page in word

  1. Use Tables

Using tables is another popular method to erase or delete a page from your Word file. Every time you put a table into your Word file, a small tiny space is added along with it. You can find that space below the table that you have inserted. If you have inserted the table at the least end of your word file, then it would be very difficult to delete the blank page. Hence, otherwise, it is quite easy to delete a page.

Use Tables

Problem Solved!

These methods will completely help you to delete an unwanted page or a blank page from your Word document. Of course, no one likes these type of blank ones as it shows that the file is incomplete. Hence, these are the most preferred solutions. You can even drop in a text to let us know for any difficulties, we will help you.

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