Resolve Hard Drive Failure

Hard drives in your computer, are one of the most integral sources for memory storage. Basically, there are two types of hard drives that are commonly found in a computer. But the solid state drive (SSD) is the most common one. A huge amount of users experience the Hard Drive Failure quite a lot these days. So, it is important for you to know the reasons for this problem and the steps you can repair it.

Hard Drive Failure

The hard drive is one of the tech devices that can lead to the failure of the hard drive. Check out what are those factors that can cause the problem.

Firmware Faults: This can be the fault of the manufacturer. However, the chances of fault with this one are very less but if your hard drive is troubling you from the beginning, this can be the reason behind it.

Corrupted Files: Corrupted files can be one of the most common faults for the Hard Drive Failure error. This happens when you use your computer in unethical ways like shutting down your computer abruptly, unsafely removing the USB drive from your computer etc.

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Signs of Hard Drive Failure

When you see this type of failure, you can find out about it in various ways. If the above-mentioned factors have caused the drive failure error, here are the few signs that can tell you that the problem is present:

    • You are unable to detect the hard drive in the PC
    • You cannot detect the hard drive at the BIOS process
    • When you are unable to read the files present in the hard drive
    • A sudden hard drive failure
  • Program files are corrupted and are not detectable in the PC

Hard Drive Failure signs

How to Repair a Hard Disk-Resolve Hard Drive Failure

The Windows users can easily check out the repair process of the hard drive in their Windows computer. Follow these steps to fix the hard drives effectively:

  • Firstly, you need to close all the existing and running operations on the OS
  • Open My Computer. In case you want to check this external hard drive, right-click on to it and choose properties
  • A window will be opened where you can go to the tools tab and choose the error checking option. Click on the Check option, allow administrator permission and enter your password
  • The scanning process will start as soon as you select to fix the drive. Also, you can perform the following steps to ensure whether the internal hard drive is connected or not: we all know that we cannot repair the hard drive.
  • Before completely replacing the hard drive, you need to check the actual fault in your hard drive. Maybe you can fix your problem in just a few steps.
  • Check if the hard drive is detectable in the BIOS. If it isn’t, then you might have to replace it.
  • Open the lid of the CPU where you can see the internal wiring of the computer now remove the screws of the hard drive case
  • Then push the hard drive in the case to complete the process.

You can follow these steps to resolve the Hard Drive Failure error in your Windows. In case you are failed with the process, you might have to change the drive. Drop us a comment below if you need any help.

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