Grindr for Computer

Grindr is the best dating app for gays and transgenders. The app comes with some handy features on your smartphone, but you can also download Grindr for Computer. If you have never downloaded a dating app on your computer before, then check out this easy step-by-step guide. With the help of this PC app, you can easily chat with some hot guys in your area and most possibly from all around the world as well. But before that, let’s check out its awesome features!

Grindr for Computer

Grindr for Computer- These features are great!

To enjoy the amazing features, you need to create your profile on the dating site. Then you can browse through various hot profiles and chat with those people. If you happen to like them, you can also fix a date with them. So, here we are going to check out the most interesting features of this app.

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Grindr for Computer Free Version

  1. In the free version of Grindr, you can view at least 100 profiles, and the customising option is also there from which you can search for most suitable men in your area.
  2. There are some tribe options given such as jack, bear, twink etc. You can choose men according to your sex type.
  3. When you open a profile, you can either save it or block it according to your choice.
  4. Moreover, you can swipe the profile pictures as well.

Grindr for Computer Paid Version

  1. The paid version gets you smooth access without you being bothered with frequent pop-up ads.
  2. Furthermore, you will also see some more options in the tribe section than you get them in the free version
  3. With the paid version, you can access more than 100 guys which is unavailable in the free version
  4. You can view up to 300 profiles.
Grindr for PC

Download Grindr for PC- Windows Solution

The most effective way to download the Grindr app on your PC is by installing the application through an Android emulator. An emulator is a helpful tool which can help you get an application with are available on the Android platform. You can easily download the app on your Android or iPhone smartphone but for using it on your computer, you will have to install Bluestacks, an Android emulator. Here are what you need to do to use the app on your PC.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC to install an Android or iOS app
  2. Then open the newly installed tool and move to its search option
  3. Now write Grindr in the search bar and open the first result
  4. After that, click on the installation button and the app will get automatically installed on your computer
  5. After installing, you will see the icon. You can click on it and enjoy the latest social app on your PC

With these simple steps, you can easily install and enjoy the application on your PC. Do you know any other cool dating site similar to Grindr for Computer? Share your recommendation In the comment box below.

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