Google Cloud Print Setup

Are you having problems to setup Google Cloud printing on your system? Well, Google Cloud Print Setup is easy and straight forward. To set up the Google Cloud Printing all you need to have is a handful guide in front of you. You can get that here. We are here to share the steps you need for Google Cloud Print Setup. So, guys! Sit back and scroll through to learn the right steps.

Google Cloud Print Setup

What is Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print is a free and helpful service from Google. It is safe and secure. Having Google Cloud Print Set up on your printer you can print your documents and photos from anywhere and anytime. Through Google Print you can send print jobs to your printer in your home from any part of the world and from any device.

It works smoothly with all the Google Apps. The best part about the Google Cloud Print is, it is enterprise-ready. It can easily complement or replace the printing infrastructure of your organization. Not only that, the developers can incorporate Google Cloud Print into their apps.

Sounds good, right? Can’t wait to get the Google Cloud Print Setup done on your device? Here you go!

How to Proceed with Google Cloud Print Setup?

There are two types of printers in the market. One is the classic printers and the other type of printer is the cloud-ready printer. So, before proceeding with Google Cloud Print Setup you have to find out the type of printer you are using.

How to find out your printer type?

  • At first, visit the official website of Google Cloud Print or, Click here
  • Now, enter your printer model name at the search column and hit enter

Google cloud print

  • Or, you can search your printer model manually from the list of manufacturers.

Google Cloud Print Setup

Google Cloud Print Setup

Depending on the type of your printer you need to follow different steps to complete Google Cloud Print Setup.

Connect to Wi-Fi

As the first step, you need to connect both your printer and computer to the same Wi-Fi network.

After connecting your printer and computer to Wi-Fi proceed with the steps below,

For classic printers

  • Firstly, find the system settings on your PC or Mac
  • Then, locate the printing section in the system settings
  • Here, you need to add your printer to your computer
  • Now, open the Google Chrome browser from your system
  • Then, type chrome://devices and press the enter button
  • Now, under “Classic Printers” tab select the Add Printers tab

Google Cloud Print

  • Then, in the ‘Printers to register’ section, choose the printer you want to share, then click on the ‘Add Printer(s)’ button.
  • Finally, to make sure whether your printer was added or not click on ‘Manage your Printers’ button.

If you have a Google Cloud-ready printer then the steps are little different for you. Follow the steps here and complete your Google Cloud Print Setup

  • At first, open the Google Chrome browser on your computer
  • Now type chrome://devices and hit the Enter
  • Then, under the ‘New Devices’ section find your printer
  • Now, click on the Manage button beside your printer
  • Then, in the ‘Confirm Registration’ box select Register
  • Now, follow the On-Screen instructions from your printer screen to finish registering.
  • Finally, check whether your printer is registered or not. Click here and as the new webpage open click on ‘Printers’.

Google cloud print apk

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How to print using Google Cloud Print?

After completing Google Cloud Print Setup are you facing problems in printing using Google Cloud Print? Well, we can help you with that too. Scroll through and get your hands used to with Google Cloud Printing.

Print from Your Computer’s Gallery

  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Go to Cloud Print > Print Jobs
  • Then click Print and select Upload file to print then click Select a file from my computer
  • Now select the document or the photo you want to print
  • Click Open
  • Then from the Google Print window, select your printer then change your print settings and finally click print

Print from Your Android

  • Open an email or webpage or the photo you want to print
  • Then select the Share button
  • Then tap Print
  • Select the printer. If you need, change any print settings and then tap Print

Print from Google Drive

  • Sign in to your Gmail account and then open Google Chrome
  • Open the photo or the document you want to print
  • Click the print icon or press ctrl+P
  • From the Print window, click the Change button, under Destination
  • Now in the Select a destination, select your printer
  • In the print window, change any print setting if you need then click Print

Google Cloud Print Setup

Anyway, Folks! These are the most important steps you need to have to complete your Google Cloud Print Setup. Now you can easily use the cloud printing service from anywhere using any of your devices. If you have further more queries about Google Cloud Print you can post it in the comment box below.

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