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Google Cloud Print Setup-Users’ Guide

Google Cloud Print is a free and helpful service which lets you print your documents and photos safely and securely from any network connected to your computer. You do not need any additional software to print from Google Cloud Print. And this guide will help you with the easy process of Google Cloud Print Setup.

Google Cloud Print Setup

Step-1: Connect Your Printer to Your Google Print- Google Cloud Print Setup

To get started, first set up your printer with Google Cloud Print from a computer or smartphone.

For Computer

      1. Turn on your printer and load paper
      1. Ensure if ink or toner cartridges are installed
      1. Please ensure if your printer is connected to the same network as your computer or Chromebook
      1. Sign in to your Google account with your internet browser
    1. In the address bar, Enter chrome://devices
    2. If you find your printer listed under New devices, Register it and then click Register again to confirm.
    3. If you find your printer listed under My devices, then it is already registered. Click Manage.
    4. If you cannot find your printer in the list, make sure your printer is connected to the same network as your computer.
    5. Confirm the registration

For Android

      1. Turn on the printer and load plain pages
      1. Make sure you have installed ink or toner
    1. Make sure you have connected to the same network as your Android device
    2. On your device, download and install Cloud Print software from play store
    3. Then open the settings menu
    4. Type Printing in the search option and click on the result
    5. Next to the Cloud Print option, tap ON and then turn off other print service plugins
    6. Tap Cloud Print and then the main menu icon
    7. Next, select Add printer
    8. Tap the printer you want to add
    9. Click OK
    10. Now, confirm the registration on the control panel of your printer and follow the instructions on the printing page.
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Step-2: Print from Your Computer- Google Cloud Print Setup

Print from Your Computer’s Gallery

      1. Sign in to your Google account
      1. Go to Cloud Print > Print Jobs
    1. Then click Print and select Upload file to print then click Select a file from my computer
    2. Now select the document or the photo you want to print
    3. Click Open
    4. Then from the Google Print window, select your printer then change your print settings and finally click print

Print from Your Android

      1. Open an email or webpage or the photo you want to print
      1. Then select the Share button
      1. Then tap Print
    1. Select the printer. If you need, change any print settings and then tap Print

Print from Google Drive

      1. Sign in to your Gmail account and then open Google Chrome
      1. Open the photo or the document you want to print
      1. Click the print icon or press ctrl+P
      1. From the Print window, click the Change button, under Destination
      1. Now in the Select a destination, select your printer
    1. In the print window, change any print setting if you need then click Print

Google Cloud Print Setup

In case you still need help with the Google Cloud Print Setup process, please let us know in the comment box below.

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