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Easy Guide for Google Chrome Cast Set Up

Google Chrome cast is one of the popular and the affordable device available in the market. Once you start using the device, you will find that it is the perfect choice for an online streamer. It has the most popular games with dedicated features that you would ever find on the internet. So the Google Chrome Cast Set up is completely different from other online streamers such as Roku, Apple Tv, and others.

Hence, without any further delay, the chrome cast set up is the simplest task that can be done with the help of the below-mentioned guide.

Google Chromecast Setup

Google Chrome Cast Set Up

Google chrome cast set up is very easy. Of course, you might have come across other online streamers that are quite popular in the market. Each online streamer app or device has a different type of settings, but yet, they all do the same task traversing different routes. Here is the right guide to provide you with an ample amount of information for Google Chrome Cast setup.

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Step One: Plugging in

You first have to plug the USB cord that you have received with your Chrome cast package. This USB cord will be ported in one of the HDMI slots of your Television set. Post that, you have to port in the USB into the possible slot with the help of the Chrome cast adapter. After you have connected every slot with your Television set, you will see that the Chrome cast small LED light has been lit up.

Step Two: Connecting the Chrome Cast

Before you get started with the entire set up process, you need to know there are two types of chrome cast version, one is the first generation chrome cast that would be a dongle shaped device and another one would be a disc-shaped cast that was released as the later subsequent versions of the Google Chrome cast.

The second (later) generation of Google Chrome cast can be paired with Bluetooth. You just have to pair the device with your Bluetooth, it will be switched on. Before you connect the Google chrome cast make sure to switch on your Bluetooth (we generally forget the Bluetooth part).

Step Three: Chrome Cast Configuration

Now its time to set up the Google Chrome Home app to finish the entire configuration process. Many of the times, you can simply start the setup process (just like when you bring home a new smartphone). If you didn’t get an alert to set up the device then you can just click on the device icon in the top right edge of your screen. Once you tap, you need to confirm the prompt message on your TV screen to finish the Google Chrome cast set up.

Step Four: Finishing Up

After you have set up with the use of the device icon configuration, you would have to follow the instructions that are being prompted one after another. There would be many basic sets up such as the chrome cast name, the code that will pair up both your smart TV and your chrome cast device, the report messages and enabling the guest mode.

Guest mode is simply allowing users other than you to connect to the chrome cast without the internet connection. Not your whole apartment will be able to connect to chrome cast, as it needs access to the TV that you have paired with the device and other such codes and pins to get started with.

Google Chromecast setup guide

Nothing Like Google Chrome Cast

Absolutely! Chrome cast is the most popular and the easiest gadget across the internet. Yet, there are many more device similar to compete with. Nonetheless, Google chrome cast set up is quite an easy job, and anyone and everyone can use it.

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